knitting and reading

I finished the cowl!  Yay!  We have had a bit of a cold running through our house the past several days, so it gave me a little more time to sit with my knitting.  I'm really happy with how this turned out.  Especially since it is still so cold outside!  I don't know if I will keep it or if I will give it away yet, I guess it depends if it gets much colder or not...and if Emma decides to declare it as her own, which is also very possible. 

As far as reading goes, I just started a new book - Growing up Duggar.  I'm not sure what it is about the Duggar family, but I do find them fascinating!  I am only about half a chapter in at this point.  I'm not sure it is exactly what I expected it to be, although I am only a little ways in.  I think I was expecting more memoir and less how-to.  But, I am sure it will be an enjoyable read.

I am on the waiting list for a few books at the library.  I love that I have a library I can request e-books from, but I wish that they had more than one digital copy available.  It seems to me, if it is digital, there should be many copies available.  Of course I know that is not realistic, but a girl can dream!  I have been doing a lot of late night reading, so e-books have been working best lately.

What are you working on this week?  Any new books?


  1. The could came out beautiful Heather.
    I like the Duggar family too and try to watch their show when I can.
    I didn't know that e books were limited. You learn something everyday.

  2. Your cowl looks great - so soft and warm. I like the Duggars too. I think I find them fascinating in that I can't imagine having so much patience in the midst of what can be chaos with all those children!

  3. Your cowl is beautiful! Can't blame Emma for wanting to snatch it up!

  4. my daughter loved watching their program when it was aired on tv. lovely finished cowl! and it's still chilly here to wear it :)

  5. that looks like such a warm squishy cowl! And I think the cold will be here a while longer so it can get some use!!

  6. Your cowl is beautiful hope it keeps you warm!


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