amazing what a week will do!

This was my yard last week.  It might look like a lot of snow - well it seemed like a lot of snow.  But, when I took this picture I knew that the snow was melting, and that made me happy.  Fast forward to this week and this is what my garden looks like now:

I'm not sure I can convey how happy I am to see the chicken bedding on the tops of those garden boxes!  Ecstatic is more like it.  Like I keep saying, this has been an incredibly long winter, but I am finally seeing some spring.

Yesterday Emma and I watched a dozen robins (that we could see anyways) guarding around our house.  I'm assuming that they must be building a nest nearby, and it was a lot of fun to watch them.  I never realized they worked in such large numbers before...

This week looks to be another lovely week, with temps in the 50's.  That may seem quite cold to some of my readers, but I can't even remember what 50's feels like!

Oh, and if you are curious about the pile of bricks, those will eventually be lining the paths between the garden beds, hopefully deterring some of the weed growth.  My husband has been taking down our old chimney, and it seemed like a good use of materials we already had.  

What has been going on in your neck of the woods?

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  1. What a great idea to recycle those bricks!!! I can almost taste the veggies!!! Spring is here!


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