Easter recap

We had a wonderful Easter this year!  Every year is a good year, but this year seemed especially nice.  Both of our kids are old enough now to really understand the Easter egg hunt, as well as just being thoroughly joyful about the holiday itself.  It was a great time for everyone.

It started very early in the morning.  Emma somehow was able to wake herself up at 5:45am and be ready for the day…which in turn woke up Jack.  I may not have been able to open my eyes, but I was very excited for them to see what the Easter Bunny had left them.  At church I commented on how early the kiddos were up, and they were very nice in pointing out that the men who cooked for the sunrise service were at church at 4:30am…hmmm…

The Easter Bunny realized a couple years ago that the best idea was to give each child certain colored eggs to look for.  He realized that being even was not something little kids would understand, so this year was no different.  He left a letter telling the kids which egg colors they should be looking for.  And they went about hunting around the house for eggs.  It was actually really cute to hear them yelling to each other because they found the other’s egg color; although, the Easter Bunny may have gone a bit overboard in the candy department this year.

After the kids snuck a few handfuls of jelly beans we had a pretty hearty breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast with fruit.  Then it was time for cleanup and getting to church, which in a normal week is a feat in and of itself.  But, with pictures to be taken it was a little more hectic!

We topped off our afternoon with an Easter dinner of Chinese food.  OK, so that may not be the most traditional meal, but it is something that my family did while my brother and I were growing up, and it seemed like a good year to do it!  So we all stuffed ourselves with Chinese food that was not very healthy, and had candy for dessert.  Clearly we will need to do a lot of walking this week!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!  What special traditions do you have in your family?


  1. Sounds like a great day! Those men who cooked the sunshine breakfast likely could go home and NAP if they are sans kids....just sayin! ;)

  2. Aww how lovely! The easter bunny was a bit overexcited here, too.


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