April 9, 2014

knitting and reading

OK, so I haven't exactly started my current knitting project, but at least I have it picked out!  With Easter right around the corner, I thought it would be fun to knit up some cute little bunnies for my babes.  I have quite a lot of white yarn in my basket.  I think that not one is a complete skein, but it is something I can work with at least.  Eventually, they are supposed to look like this.  I'm not sure how likely it is that I will finish them before Easter, definitely one, maybe not two though.

I have always wanted to make those cute little knit animals that I see all over the place, unfortunately they are almost always crochet.  I do not crochet.  I can make a chain but can't seem to make it past that step...so I was happy to see that this pattern is knitting.  Makes it easier on me :-)

As far as reading goes, I seem to be in a non-fiction reading slump.  I had been doing so well at the beginning of the year.  I would read a novel and then a non-fiction book.  But, after the very long March we had, I stopped the non-fiction altogether and went straight for fiction.  And now, I am kind of between stages it seems.  I don't really want to read any of the non-fiction on my list right now, and I don't have any other fiction books that I am really interested in (I am on the wait list at the library for a few new books - but it is a long list).  Because of that, I decided to re-read some books I already have read.  

Last week it was the Hunger Games trilogy.  Which I have to say was 100 times better for me the second time through.  After the Hunger Games I had nothing, so I decided to go back to the Twilight series.  I know, it isn't the best writing, but I just love that story :-)  I am almost finished with the fourth book now...then I will have to decide on something else to read.  Maybe it is time to read through Harry Potter again.  And even though I am reading books I have previously read, I am still counting them towards my 100 books for the year goal...a book is a book, right?

What are you working on this week?

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  1. I can't wait to see the bunnies! I love those little knit animals, so cute! I had planned some felt ones but time is running out so I may be shopping local instead ;) never enough hours in the day!!!!

  2. every year i think i'm going to make a basket full of bunny 'nuggets'…..another year has slipped by. i'll live vicariously with your bunnies!!!! good luck!

  3. Have you read Diana gabaldon's outlander series?! It's my #1 all-zit me favourite. Also, if you like hunger games, definitely read divergent if you haven't already :)

  4. I love using scrap yarn to make little animals. Bunnies are perfect. I can't wait to see them.

  5. I love the bunnies! And yes, reread books count! I was thinking yesterday that I should read Harry Potter again. I can't think of many books I would read three or more times in the span of 5 years, but that series is one!

  6. Those will be cute bunnies. Most of those patterns are for crochet, but I have a friend that does both and says the knit ones come out so much softer. I'm glad you found a good pattern.

  7. You're darn right it is!

    I've never read the Twilight series, though I have seen the movies.

  8. I started last spring to read the Newbery Award books. They are mostly younger reading, but classics all the same. I've listed all of the ones I've read on the side bar. I've always liked that age of fiction, and although my library is fairly new, I have been able to interloan quite a few. I even owned some myself!! Reread all of the Little House books a while back and enjoyed different parts as an adult.
    I like Debbie Macomber, so the Blossom Street series is one that I have enjoyed. Good luck with the bunnies. Just keep making them after Easter if you like them and you will have a basketful by next Easter!!

  9. Heather, I'm a beginner knitter/crocheter and I'm trying to make MUCH easier bunnies but so far, they are not turning out so well. I'll keep trying! Love the bunny that you will work on. I look forward to seeing a picture of the finished project.

  10. I cant crochet either *wink*..... I rather leave that to Oumie.
    Im busy working on a knit pattern for sleep shoes ~ Minions!! the brothers love the Minions.. *wink* So hold thumbs they are ready for Easter.

    oh... and the Twilight series.... JUST LOVE!!

  11. Sweet bunnies.
    I haven't read the Twilight series but my daughter is a fan.
    Gave a beautiful week.

  12. Good luck with your bunnies - I will get around to doing some one year - probably when my boys are grown up!!


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