seed starting

I probably should not have that as the title of this post, seed starting.  Why?  Well, because this year I haven't started any seeds.  Not one.  Typically around this time I have lots of little seedlings sitting in my front entry way just dying (sometimes literally) to get outside.  This year, everything seemed to completely fall off.  I had really good intentions – as a gardener I think that is a necessary trait – but they did not pan out.

Just because I haven’t started seeds does not mean that I will not be planting seeds.  In fact, I am ready to start putting kale and spinach seeds in the ground, and hopefully they will do well.  It does mean that I will rely on the farmers’ market for seedlings and most likely will make several trips to our local greenhouse as well.

What have we been doing since we haven’t been planting?  Well, a whole lot of cleanup.  It is amazing to see the damage that happens to our yard over the winter.  And there are a lot of projects that we have to work on; the main one being the chicken coop.

When we first got chicks a couple years ago, we didn't have anything ready for them.  They stayed in our front entry way for about 8 weeks.  The kids loved it…but once they had shavings in their brooder, well it was a tad dusty.  Now we have a beautiful coop that my husband built, but it still needs siding.  We also need to redo the fencing for the chicken run.  

We are up in the air about when and what kind of chickens we may get this year – if we end up getting more.  Could be new layers, we may just do meat chickens.  We may decide to wait until next spring and really concentrate on getting all the other outside projects completed first.  I know that I am going to try and plant more grass where the chickens totally cleaned us out last summer.  I wish we didn't need to have them in a run at all, but unfortunately we have quite a few animals in our area that enjoy the taste of chicken.  And I would much prefer them to be safe than dinner for another animal.

In the meantime I am enjoying all the flowers coming up.  Granted, the flowers themselves won’t be visible for quite a while, but to see the new growth gives me hope that spring and summer are really coming this year!

What is going on in your garden?  What do you do if you *forget* to start seeds in the winter?


  1. Lots of clean up here too! I think the Winter was rough on everybody and everything so lots to do around here!!!!!!!

  2. Love seeing the new growth, it was a touch winter but my rhubarb is coming up to! Thanks for sharing your post on the HomeAcre Hop, hope to see you again tomorrow! - Nancy
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