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It is amazing what a few days of sun and warmth will do!  This past weekend we had a beautiful day on Saturday and it allowed us the chance to get outside and start the spring clean up.  It seems like it is so late this year.  I think in the past few years I have raked out my gardens in March, but here we are, mid-April, and we are just getting started.

I noticed that the tops of my garlic were coming out, so Jack and I removed the straw from the garlic bed.  I'm not sure how it will do.  Some of it looks healthy, some of it looks like it is dying.  It has been an odd winter, with a lot of rain recently, so I am hoping that a few warm days help to dry out the soil a bit, and then maybe the garlic will turn green...or maybe this will not be a good garlic year!

All of irises and day lilies are starting to sprout up from the ground as well.  It is amazing to see how much growth happens in such a short time.  And since I really don't need to do anything with these flowers sans rake out the garden beds, they are the best types of flowers for me to have!

I still have plans to plant peas.  I thought maybe this weekend I would get to it, unfortunately our outside list is a lot longer than our days are still.  So today, with highs in the 70's (eek!), I hope to get outside with the kids to do some planting.  But, with such warm weather it might end up being a lot of playing and going to the park.

What is going on in your garden?  Are you behind on outside projects like we are?  Is there ever a time you catch up?!

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  1. I am SO very ready for Spring and gardening! Your garlic looks fabulous - don't you wish the 70s were lasting ALL WEEK LONG?!


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