decluttering vs. organizing

I saw an interesting blog post a couple days ago over at the art of simple, where Tsh talked about the difference between de-cluttering andorganizing.  It was quite an eye opener, and I suggest you head there and read more about it! 

I have been having an amazing bit of writers block recently, and generally feeling lackadaisical – I prefer that fancy sounding word over lazy!  I know part of it is the extremely cold weather we have had for months and months and months, but I also know that a lot of it has to do with the amount of clutter in the house right now.

I feel like I spend a lot of time de-cluttering, but after I read Tsh’s article I realized that mostly what I was doing was re-organizing…constantly.  Not that re-organizing, or organizing to being with, are essentially bad, but I realized that when I have to dedicate specific days to get it all accomplished while my husband occupies the kids, there is something wrong.

A couple of years ago I first heard about minimalism, and immediately said that I loved the idea but had no clue how I could live with so much less.  Instead, I did a bit of a hybrid approach and got rid of a ton of junk that had been in boxes since we moved into our house; storage boxes which were full of unknown items.

Even after that summer of de-cluttering, I still try to keep up with the amount of stuff that we have, getting rid of small amounts of stuff here and there.  What I realized after reading this blog post though, was that I needed a more drastic outcome.  When I clear out a little at a time, there inevitably comes something new to fill that small space I cleared.  What I need to see is a completely empty home – since that is unlikely to happen seeing as how I have a husband and two children, I am going to need to take a more drastic approach to it all.

I started to look through Organized Simplicity again, and one of the quotes that Tsh put in was the one pictured above by William Morris.  It is something that I need to consider more rather than trying to find another nook to stick something.  Now to get my family on board with a big house de-cluttering event!

What do you think of de-cluttering vs. organizing?  Do you feel like you are constantly getting rid of “stuff” or rather moving it around to make it look pretty again?  Have you gotten rid of a lot at once?  How did your family react?

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  1. I just went through a mini decluttering and brought 5 garbage bags to the thrift store and it felt great. Nobody seemed to care, since the bulk was clothing and household goods. It's incredibly freeing and makes my organization a heck of a lot easier!


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