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What an interesting week I have had in the garden!  Perhaps not interesting as much as irritating in some ways.  My week started out squishing cucumber beetles, and ended with trapping woodchucks.

There were a couple days in there that I thought I was finally winning the fight against pests!  The cucumber beetles were pretty much non-existent, and stink bugs were not visible to me.  I knew the woodchucks that were living under the chicken house would need to be removed, but I wasn't in a rush.  We have a fence around our garden for that specific reason.  

made a quick getaway through my peonies

Unfortunately, it seems like the fence was not as woodchuck proof as I had thought.  There had been a spot that was not attached to the stake well, and those woodchucks just walked right into the fence and knocked a spot down.  They were able to eat just about all of the lettuce that I had planted.  I was not a happy camper.  

Luckily I know just who to call when we have a woodchuck problem.  Woodchucks are something my mom (who lives on the same street as me) dealt with for many years in her garden.  There was one summer where we got rid of about 18 woodchucks...that was quite the summer.  

So we got a couple havahart traps, and got to it.  We have caught three so far.  I know there are more, but they haven't been in the yard the past 24 hours.  We will most likely move the traps down to my mom's house next, since we are pretty sure they have a tunnel that goes all the way down the street and comes up under her shed...

The damage was significant, most of the lettuce and some of the broccoli.  Luckily I can still plant more lettuce, and hopefully this time it will stay and grow!

How is your garden growing this year? 


  1. At least you guys have identified the problem, hopefully your visitors will tell their friends and stay away from the garden going forward :-) if only they had have a heart traps for the cucumber beetles!

  2. I am fighting a deer and rabbit problem in my garden. They eating everything:(. Your garden looks great

  3. Sorry about the woodchucks! :/ Maybe cover the lettuce as it grows? I battle moles or voles. Not sure which but they eat my radishes and peas and leave hollow spots all over the garden!

  4. Sorry about the damage those groundhogs caused. My Poppaw deals with raccoons in his garden. uggg. I found you at SouleMama's. Hope you come visit our garden!

  5. Woodchucks! Oh my! I suppose I can be thankful some days that I don't live where the wild things are! Thanks for visiting zingday today!

  6. the deer is doing damage around our neck of the fencing seems to stop them


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