garden happenings

Last week

It has been a relatively quiet week here in the garden.  That, I am happy about.  After my issues last week with woodchucks, and the week before with cucumber beetles and stink bugs, I figured I could use a week off!  Of course I am writing this as I glance out my window and see another woodchuck...snacking on the weeds next to my chicken coop.  I guess we will be setting the traps again!

This week

It is amazing the difference a week makes in the garden though.  We have had a lot of sun, and some rain at night, which my potted plants seem to love.  My one cucumber plant in a pot seems to be doing exceptional - which is nice to see considering the ones in the garden are definitely fighting to stay alive.

I am happy to report that my sungold tomato plant is starting to make pretty yellow flowers, which means it is only a matter of time before we can start picking some of our own tomatoes instead of relying on the farmers' market.

As far as the garden in the ground goes, the cabbage and kale are doing well.

My tomato plants seem to be stunted, and I think it might be because it has been so cold in the evenings.  I was thinking of putting some straw down around the plants, maybe that would help warm the soil a bit?  Or maybe it would just cause it to stay colder.  I should look into that...

garlic growing like crazy!

The one thing I am great at growing right now?  Weeds, of course.  I realize that I have A LOT of weeds growing in the garden.  I try and get out there when I can, but it doesn't happen as often, or for as long a period of time as I need.  

This week one of my goals is to get the weeds out of the garden completely...until sometime next week.  I think it is doable, especially with the kids busy this week with some other activities.  Wish me luck!

How is your garden growing?  Are you experiencing a lot of growth right now as well?  Harvesting anything yet?


  1. Everything there looks so healthy. Our garden doesn't grow much in summer, too hot. I hope you'll come share this outdoor post on The Maple Hill Hop! Happy harvesting!

  2. Weeds are just plants planted where you don't want them. So I tell everyone my "weeds" are wanted. Takes care of that problem ;) Your garden is lovely "weeds" or not. My mother used to put hoops over the tomato beds and then just throw a sheet over them at night. Just a thought. Be well.


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