garden happenings

I love this time of year, when the garden seems to change daily.  I haven't really been harvesting much from my garden, but I think that there are some things I will be picking soon.

The first of which is my garlic scapes.  They came out of no where!  We were away a couple of days, there were no scapes, we come home, and there they are.  I see lots of garlic scape pesto in my well as grilled garlic scapes which are so delicious!

The kale is looking great, and so is the swiss chard.

I was surprised to see that the lettuce the woodchucks had eaten is now growing again.  Is it safe for me to eat this?  I think it will probably be fine, but I guess I should start using my friend google to make sure.

My irises and peonies are done at this point, but the day lilies are getting ready to bloom, and so my constant cut flowers in the house will continue, yay!  

I also realized that to skip the watering of my potted plants because you are running late for church is not a smart idea - I came home to a shriveled up cherry tomato plant.  Luckily a lot of water in the afternoon and evening seems to have brought this baby back to life.

My most exciting news?  I have one little green pepper growing, yay!  I'm sure there will be many more, but that first one is always so exciting to see.

Not so exciting news?  The stink bugs are back after taking a week off.  I heard recently from another blogger that she planted radishes all around her summer squash, and hasn't seen a stink bug yet.  I might have to try that next year...not sure I will be able to fit any radishes in my crowded garden spaces this year.

How is your garden growing?  If you share a post about gardening on your blog, please leave me a link in the comments so I can swing by and check it out!


  1. Your garden is looking fabulous my friend! Very exciting that you are going a tiny green pepper as well :-) I also love the fact that the garden seems to change on a regular basis and I'm happy to report ours is doing well too. Lots of flowers and some tiny fruit for certain.

  2. Looks great! I picked the first of the scapes today. I wish they didn't have such a short season. I'm going to scatter some radish seeds before the rain starts and give that a try for the stink bugs. Wonder if it might work for the squash vine borers too.


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