Kids Academy App Feature!

As a homeschooler I am constantly on the lookout for apps that will help with the learning process.  This app was just that!  It is an easy to use app that allows my kids the freedom to engage in the learning that they want through little games. 

I absolutely love all the worksheets!  I think that when my kids are able to self-direct some of their learning, they become more interested.  My 3 1/2 year old is constantly asking to play the "owl" game on my phone, and when I watch him tracing letters, and then trying to do it on his chalkboard upstairs, I know that it is worth it!

My 6 year old, while officially not in the age range, also loves the little games, and I think that any additional practice on letters and numbers is extremely important.  It helps that she doesn't really think she is learning!

You can find the Preschool Kids Games and Worksheets on sale right now through iTunes and also on Amazon.

I received compensation for this review, however, the opinions are my own.

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