knitting and reading

I haven’t made as much progress on the baby hat as I had hoped.  But, that’s ok, because I got my garden all planted.  I think that I will probably be able to finish up the baby hat today though, because we are expecting rain, and really, the baby knits seem to fly off the needles since they are so tiny!

This week I started my book group study of Pursue the Intentional Life.  Last week I was concerned about the stage of life that the author was in compared to me.  But, she has talked repeatedly that she has a passion for helping younger women.  I am also not the only person that has brought up that concern in the book club, so we will just continue and see where we go.  I’m only 3 short chapters in, but I am trying to read it slowly to get as much out of it as possible.  I have a habit of sitting down and just reading a book cover to cover, but I don’t like to do that for more in depth books, I end up missing some things.  Maybe that is why I like to re-read old books!

What are you working on this week?  Any new summer reads?


  1. Garden planting has kept my knitting slower here too, but I think I finally got it all in now. Baby knits are the best, aren't they ?

  2. Glad you got your garden all planted! I still have to plant some flowers but hubby has the veggies in. I have some baby knitting to do - I'm hoping it really does go fast!

  3. We are starting to pull Summer reading - can't wait for lazy afternoons to enjoy the beautiful days with a good book! Yay for the planted garden too!

  4. Lovely knitting - baby knits are just so sweet!
    The book sounds very interesting.


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