state of the garden

It is amazing to see how much we are able to accomplish in one nice weekend.  Nice, being the key word!  This past weekend we finally planted all of our vegetables.  It was something hanging over my head.

Typically, we plant everything over Memorial Day weekend.  Well, this year we were away one day, one day was filled with church and shopping for seedlings, and then Memorial Day itself was kind of a wash out.  It didn't rain heavily, but when the weatherman says there is the potential for hail, you decide to skip planting all those little baby seedlings.

Last week there was a lot of rain, and a lot of cold, including one night of frost, so I guess I am happy I didn't actually go through with planting anything.  

Saturday, my wonderful husband cleaned out all of the garden boxes, and also dug me some new beds.  I think every year I end up expanding the garden.  It started with a bunch of pots on our second floor deck, and has now taken over half the yard.  We live on a very tiny quarter of an acre, but luckily our entire yard is located in the back of the house, so it feels a bit bigger to me.

The kids were fully involved with the planting.  Jack helped me plant in the 4x4 garden boxes, and Emma helped with all the pots and the other garden beds.  They have been telling me all winter how they "can't possibly eat veggies not from the garden," so we planted a lot of veggies that they are going to have to try, especially since they picked out the seedlings and placed them in the ground!

What did we end up planting?  A lot.  

Romaine lettuce
Green head lettuce
Jalapeno peppers
Ace green peppers
Roma tomatoes
Brandywine tomatoes
Striped German tomatoes
Black Grim tomatoes
Sun Gold tomatoes
Sugar Baby watermelon
Pickling cukes
Slicing cukes
Bush cukes
Yellow squash
Green beans
Brussels Sprouts
Red Russian kale
Lacinato kale
Golden Acre cabbage
Red cabbage
herbs (basil, cilantro, parsley)
Swiss Chard
Garlic (which I planted last fall and is doing amazing right now!)

Wow!  That really is a lot when you list it out.  Hopefully it will be enough to satisfy our veggie needs this summer.  I decided not to do winter squash or pumpkins this year, mainly because I will be 9 months pregnant when they are ripening, and I want to have the garden all cleaned up well before that point.  I plan to put more lettuce seedlings in as I pull heads out of the ground, to hopefully keep this salad loving house fulfilled for the summer.

How is your garden growing?  Have you planted anything new this year?


  1. Looks like a wonderful variety and a great garden!!! All we need now is for Mother Natire to cooperate :)

  2. Excellent, you did plant a lot but you will not be disappointed! Glad to hear you involved the children as this can create wonderful memories and the skill to grow their own food! Thank you for linking up to the Art of Home-Making Mondays :) Please join us again next week!

  3. I'm so impressed! It is a dream of mine to someday have a garden. I would like something exactly like yours. Very inspiring! Maybe next year :)...

  4. We live in SC and are picking green beans and my peas are done, but I remember what satisfaction I had the weekend we finally got our garden in!

  5. Beautiful! I love this! I'm hoping my husband will put a raised bed in my yard for veggies this year! Every other year I've just put them in with my flowers.

  6. You're garden looks great! I'm so impressed. I've never grown garlic before. Do you have to plant it in the fall? Thanks for sharing. I am enjoying your blog.


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