summer bucket list - or not

I have seen a lot of people talking about their summer bucket list.  I love the idea of a summer bucket list for kids, and for myself.  In fact, I sat down recently and started writing out a list.  Things like go to the beach go to the local amusement park, hikes, BBQ’s; all pretty basic ideas.  I wasn’t going out on a limb and sending them to summer camp (they are too young), or signing them up for a bunch of activities.

I realized then that I didn’t want to actually have a bucket list.  What I want is for a relaxing summer of my kids playing outside and making their own entertainment by riding bikes and playing with dirt. 

I think that we, as parents, often forget that our kids are just that, kids.  We don’t need to spend a lot of time signing them up for every activity under the sun, although it might be easier sometimes.  What they need is the sun (and the rain sometimes, too), and an opportunity to create their own entertainment.  If I constantly have activities lined up for my kids, they will not know what to do with themselves with down time.

So instead of writing a bucket list, no matter how basic it may be, I am instead going to encourage my kids to get as much vitamin D as possible.  To tell stories about their adventures outside; and to appreciate all that is around them every day.

Of course I say all that and see that our weekends are quickly filling up for the entire summer, and with a very busy fall ahead of us with a new baby on the way, I know that we need to keep our weeks relatively free for exploration and unlimited play.  I want to focus on fun, but in a much more relaxed way.  If we want to go to the beach because it is a beautiful day, great, but I don’t want it on a list, hanging over my head if it doesn’t happen for some reason.

Do you put together a bucket list for your kids?  Do you get concerned about summer passing too quickly because of all the activities you have planned?  


  1. I agree about the relaxation in the Summer, with plenty of time outside and playtime. I don't think Summer should be an over scheduled time, that doesn't work for us and I don't *need* for them to be in every activity under the sun. I think you let them lead the way and talk to them about their wishes for their Summer. Sometimes it includes extra trips to the beach, watching the stars, making plenty of homemade ice pops, things like that but our school year is regimented enough!

  2. No bucket list here. We have some things we always do...a few camping trips, lots of hiking, and time in the yard gardening, playing and just enjoying our home. Other than that we just chill and enjoy the summer. We do often have some kind of weekend plans, usually dinner with friends, but those are wonderful times with the kids playing and us adults sitting around on the grass enjoy ourselves while the kids play. Enjoy your summer.


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