knitting and reading

I am happy to report that the scarf that I have been knitting for quite some time is *mostly* done.  I need to weave in some ends, and then I will take a picture of it.  I never seem to get FO pictures, instead getting them in their *mostly* done stage.  I am going to try and take FO pictures now though!

I haven't cast on anything new yet, but my next project will be socks for Emma...once I find a pattern that I like.  I already have some super cute purple yarn for my purple loving girl, so if I can find an equally cute pattern, I will be happy!

I am in the thick of homeschool planning right now.  We are planning on starting school again the first week in August.  This is incredibly early considering we typically don't start until after Labor Day, but with a new baby coming at the end of October, I think early is better.

Not that we stop learning during the summer, instead we concentrate more on science and nature.  With formal lessons on the horizon, I have been going through the above three books.

I like to feel like I am "on track" with what the other kids in our community are most likely learning.  I typically go to the public school website and print off the curriculum they are using too, just to make sure we are checking all the boxes.

Probably not the most exciting reading and knitting post, but I feel like I am accomplishing a lot, and that is a good thing in my book!

What are you working on this week?  When do your kiddos start school again?


  1. Love the purple yarn! You have brought back memories of reading these books. I have been ordering curriculum this week....I love new school supplies! :)

  2. I start to get "school brain" once August hits. Actually, my daughter really does start her classes in August this year so i guess I'm on target. I'm glad your scarf is about done. Can't wait to see photos!

  3. I have a purple loving girl as well! Can you believe it's almost planning mode for school here too!!

  4. Beautiful colour yarn. I am blessed in that my 3 daughters are all grown up and have children of their own so I don't have the worry of school or curriculums anymore. Good luck with yours.

  5. Pretty purple yarn! I haven't made my kiddos socks before but was mulling the idea over as a little Christmas present since they have a funny "thing" for socks; even in 100 degree weather they want to pull on socks, silly girls. I'll be watching to see what pattern you end up with!

  6. We start the last week of August - but I'm not thinking about that...nope, not one bit ;)

  7. Lovely purple yarn (:

    wishing you a good weekend.


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