garden happenings

I pulled my garlic this past week.  I knew it was time, although it seems a bit earlier than last year.  I had pulled a couple heads already, mainly because I wanted to use them, and they were huge, so I figured I might as well pull them and start curing them.

Last year I put the garlic in my entryway to cure, but this year, they seemed to be exceptionally pungent, and I decided to put them in my mom's shed instead.  So it is looking like a regular old farm barn down at my mom's now!  

I ended up with 74 heads of garlic this year, which I think will be enough to last us until next summer.  Unfortunately, I know that I won't be able to plant garlic this year - unless my wonderful husband decides to plant it while I am in the hospital having a baby...

The rest of the garden is looking really great as well.  I have tons of kale and cucumbers.  The kids did a round of picking from the jalapeno plants, and we got a ton of those.  They will be going in the freezer, and also into some peach salsa that I plan to can this week.  

I have a few more weeks before my tomatoes start turning red I think, and then I will be canning tomatoes as well.  All the important things that need to be done before winter sets in.  It is an exciting time to be in the garden though, lots of fresh food every day!

How is your garden growing?  Are you planning on preserving a lot?


  1. Oh, those peaches look dee-lish! And your garlic is fantastic! Our garlic was a bust this year.
    Glad your garden is doing so well. We don't grow much here in summer, but are looking forward to putting a few fall crops in very soon. Enjoy your bounty!

  2. Your garlic looks incredible! Think you have done exceptionally well this season :)

  3. That garlic! Wow! My garden is doing ok. I'm hoping to get to my farmer's market produce auction soon so that I can preserve a lot, even if I didn't grow it myself.

  4. Gorgeous garlic! Well done! Gee I am missing peaches :)


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