knitting and reading

I finally was able to finish the band of my lovely hat!  I have worked a few rounds of the moss stitch pattern, and I really like it.  This is a very quick knit, and if I had an hour to sit down and finish it I could.

Perhaps today will be the day!  We woke up with the lovely national (world wide?!) Time Warner Cable internet outage.  It has been off and on all morning, and I am just crossing my fingers I can finish this post before it goes out again.

As far as my reading goes, I received a new book in the mail last week to review.  Dark Hope by Monica McGurk.  It is a young adult book and first in a series, so I am looking forward to digging into this and seeing how it develops.  Look for a review soon!

What are you knitting and reading this week?  And happy back to school day to all the kids going back today!

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  1. That hat looks really neat. I like the robust textures!

  2. The book sounds interesting. I'll wait for your review.

  3. Oh your hat is even cuter than the pictures in the pattern! It's looking really sweet!

  4. Your hat looks really pretty I love the texture and color! I have started the Laodice shawl and I am reading "Trouble in Store" by Carol Cox. It's a cute read with a bit of romance and mystery too :) Your book sounds very interesting I look forward to your review!

  5. Glad you got your post done. I hope you can finish that great hat. I love the color.

  6. I love moss stitch - it gives such a great texture to a hat!


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