Dark Hope by Monica McGurk review

Can I just say that I love Young Adult Fiction?  It is a guilty pleasure of mine.  The reading is a bit easier, and the stories are typically highly entertaining (Hunger Games anyone?!). 

I was incredibly pleased to be able to start a new series by Monica McGurk.  The series is The Archangels Prophesies, and the first book is Dark Hope.

It starts off with finding a young Hope after she has been kidnapped.  She is just a child, so she has no idea what has happened.  All the police and authorities know is that there was a pile of ash found in the bathroom of a hotel room, no idea if it is the kidnapper, or how it got there, or even how it happened.

Unfortunately this traumatic event caused a problem in her parents’ marriage, and they separated.  Hope went with her father, who was the one who was with her at the playground the day she was taken.  Needless to say he became quite overbearing and wanted to be with her at all times. 

Fast forward 10 years, and she asks the courts to let her go live with her mom.  She feels like she is suffocating, and wants to move on with her life. 

As an almost 16 year old, starting at a new high school, she immediately has it rough.  People are not nice to her at all, until she runs into Michael, another new student, and they hit it off right away.

The first half of the book deals with her fascination with Michael and his odd disappearances, as well as flashes of information that come back to her.  Until she finds out that Michael is not what he seems, instead of some regular old new kid, he tells her he is the Archangel Michael, and he is a protector of man.  This obviously throws Hope, and she no longer trusts Michael the way she once had.  However, because he has saved her on numerous occasions, she still listens to him.

Dark Hope is definitely a page turner.  I like the exploration of the war between the angels and the fallen.  I think as a whole it is going to be a good series.  It is a quick read that I believe most high school age kids would love.  It reminded me a bit of Twilight in the beginning, and since I am a sucker for Twilight I plowed right through it.  It was interesting to see the human trafficking element so strongly placed in the book.  And it could be upsetting to some young adults, but overall a great connecting piece to the start of Hope’s story.

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