September 24, 2014

knitting and reading

The hat is not quite done, but pretty close, and honestly, I would probably wear it not done if the weather continues to be so cold in the morning!  Alas, the hat will be done just in time for it to be 80 degrees this weekend...I need to finish the flap on the back, and then look for a cute button to put on it.  I'm sure I have one around here somewhere!

Of course next week the highs will again be in the low 60's, so I am sure in the cool mornings it will be worn.  Am I the only one who wears a hat in the house?  I sure hope not.  Actually, it is something we did all growing up, and I think it just carried over to my adult life!

On the reading front, I haven't started anything new this week.  I am on the waiting list for a couple of books at the library.  I did just finish the book Start by Jon Acuff.  I really enjoyed it.  I am constantly looking for motivational books, and this fit the bill.  It was really about finding your passion and then not letting up, really going for it.  Always a good idea in my mind!

I'm sure I will be turning to my favorite Christmas book soon, A Greener Christmas.  I talk about it every year, but it is that good.  There are so many fun crafts and recipes and decorating ideas in that book.  I broke down and bought it a couple years ago after constantly checking it out of the library.  I definitely recommend it!

What are you working on this week?  Any new knits or books?

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  1. Such a pretty hat and while it may turn warm this weekend, cooler weather will be here for good soon. We are 63 this morning, finally!
    Thank you for the book recommendations, I can use them.

  2. This is a lovely pattern and color choice- I bet it will be so cozy when the snow flies.

  3. A really lovely hat, I love the colour. Sounds like a great book fro Christmas.

  4. Such a pretty hat! That's a great color. While I don't wear a hat in the house, my dad does sometimes!

  5. Here's hoping the perfect button is found! We read a Jon Acuff book a while back, but I cannot remember the title. Motivation is always a good thing!!

  6. I love that hate, especially the color.

  7. Love the colour of the hat - and thanks of the book recommendation. I have now reserved it at my local library, cannot wait!

  8. That color is my favorite color, so of course I love the hat! And I am laughing (bemoaning?) with you at the changeable weather. It is definitely the time of year that you have to check the thermometer before you get dressed each morning because you never know what you're walking out to...


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