{31 Days} Preparing for Baby # 3 - Knitting

Welcome to my {31 Days} series this year!  We will soon be welcoming baby # 3 and I realized that there is a lot I need to do before that happens!  You can find all the posts in this series here.  Thank you for following along with me.

The weather has taken a turn for the cold I believe...and unfortunately I don't think we will be back to the 70's until next spring.  This means it is time to start knitting mittens!

A couple years ago, I came across this pattern in the Taproot magazine, and I love it!  It is incredibly easy, which is important to this slow knitter, and it comes in multiple sizes so I can make them for my whole family.

First up will be little mitts for the littlest among us.  I had this organic cotton in my stash and decided it would be perfect, soft and warm for my little one.

As far as reading goes - nothing, I am reading nothing at the moment.  But, I am doing a lot of staring, and that should count for something!

What are you working on this week?

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  1. How fun to knit for the whole family.


    31 dayer

  2. MItts for everyone - what a great idea!! I think that yarn will be perfect for the baby.

  3. The yarn is beautiful perfect for a new addition. Its lovely to find a pattern that you can use for the whole family.

  4. I hear good things about taproot. Can it be bought in the stores or only online?

    1. I absolutely love Taproot Magazine, there are always a ton of great articles and projects in its pages. You can find out if it is sold near you here http://www.taprootmag.com/pages/in-stores And it can also be bought online.

  5. I just wanted to say that when you have a baby nearly with you: Staring counts! You made me laugh out loud. Now my 11 year old thinks I'm nuts.

  6. Haha!! Staring!! I love it! Pregnancy is the one time in life you can sit and stare and still say you are working on something!! Darling mittens pattern, the more I see of Taproot the more I am longing for it.

  7. We are preparing for baby number three too! I just finished knitting a little hat for him. Lovely yarn, sounds perfect for a new baby!

  8. Great looking mittens. I love the yarn you have chosen.

  9. Visiting from Ginny's blog today. :) Such a cute mitten pattern! Best wishes as you prepare for your sweet Little One!

  10. Oh I hope to try that pattern soon too - and how wonderful about #3!

  11. Oh I love that pattern - I am actually using a very similar one to make mittens for myself right now - but it does not come in baby sizes :( ... Which Taproot is this?


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