{31 Days} Preparing for Baby # 3 - Nesting

Welcome to my {31 Days} series this year!  We will soon be welcoming baby # 3 and I realized that there is a lot I need to do before that happens!  You can find all the posts in this series here.  Thank you for following along with me.

There comes a point in every pregnancy where the “experts” tell you that you want to nest.  You want the house clean and ready for any moment when the baby could arrive.  There is a sense inside of you that needs to make sure everything is in order and you are “ready.”

Well, for this third baby, those times have been few and far between!

The instinct is still there, but it gets side-tracked quite a bit with everything else that seems to be going on in this crazy household of mine! 

I am glad that I have such a supportive husband, who helps me out quite a bit with my crazy projects.  One of those projects was to moving the playroom downstairsI think that organizing spaces helps me feel a lot more relaxed and centered, especially with a new baby coming.

Some of the other little things that we have been doing to get ready for the new baby is to put the baby gear where it will most likely be for quite some time.  It helps especially with my older kids who like to run around in the house quite a bit (especially during the very cold winters we have in New England).  Getting used to having a bassinet close to where they typically run was important for me.  I don’t want them to accidentally run into the baby!

I thought that as time got closer to the delivery of the baby I would want to make sure everything was clean and ready.  And of course I want things to be clean and ready, but that is also part of my letting go of expectations.  It isn’t realistic for me right now to think I am going to get the floors washed every day, or make sure every piece of laundry is put away (if it is clean, I am happy).

What would happen if those things were not done, and we had the baby early?  Well, we might come home to a house that isn’t as neat and tidy as I would like, but the baby probably won’t care that much!

Rest assured, however, that baking is in full force around here.  If there is one “nesting” skill I have, it is baking ridiculous amounts of muffins and sweet breads and regular bread and anything else involving flour!

Do you have a strong nesting urge when you are pregnant?  What if your kids derail all of that nesting constantly?  

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