{31 Days} Preparing for Baby # 3 - Planning to Nurse Again

Welcome to my {31 Days} series this year!  We will soon be welcoming baby # 3 and I realized that there is a lot I need to do before that happens!  You can find all the posts in this series here.  Thank you for following along with me.

I am a huge proponent of nursing.  I really believe that it is the best option for baby, and if you are physically able to, you should at least try.  I didn’t always feel that way.  When my sister-in-law had her oldest, I was adamant I would never nurse.  Obviously my opinions changed (I’m sure my sister-in-law was happy to not hear me spouting off against it!).

Now, I will get this right out of the way, nursing is hard work.  It hurts and it takes a long time for baby and mama to be comfortable, especially if it is your first child. 

This is our third child.  I am hoping that it isn’t going to be nearly as difficult or hurt as much.  But, I am preparing for that, regardless.

One thing that I didn’t really consider with my second was any issues that I might have nursing.  Luckily I didn’t have any issues, but if I did, I would have been completely unprepared.

This time around, I am making sure to have bottles on hand and also I will be getting formula, just in case.  Now, these are really for emergency situations only, but if there is an issue, I want to be prepared.

How do I know that the baby won’t have trouble latching, or that my milk supply will be sufficient?  I don’t.  Or what if there are complications?  My husband has never had to deal with the feeding side of babies, since I always handled it, but it is silly to not be a little prepared. 

My goal is obviously a healthy mama and baby who will latch well and nurse well.  But, I want to make sure that I am ready just in case.

Have you decided to nurse, and then had a lot of difficulty?  Did you think that you would bottle feed and then realize you wanted to nurse after baby arrived?  How did you make your decision?

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  1. Hmmm...this sister in law is happy you saw the light ;) Just kidding - I think you have to do what is best for you and baby but if given the opportunity, it's wonderful to make that commitment and is so good for the baby - and has so many benefits for the Mom too! I'm thrilled I nursed both my babes - it was the best choice for us! And, I have to say, nursing #2 was SO much easier than the first time around but if you stick it out - it's so worth it!


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