Best Apps for Holiday Shopping

Thanksgiving is this week!  Can you believe it?  I certainly can’t.  And right after Thanksgiving, the Christmas season takes off in full force.  We have a weekend of shopping right ahead; Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday.  How do you plan to save during such a crazy weekend of shopping anyways?

Every year, on Thanksgiving morning, I go out to get the paper, where there are tons of flyers and sale coupons and everything you could think of as far as getting a deal on Black Friday.  But, this year I will be using my iPhone to do a little more organizing, and hopefully getting a little help where I need it!  Luckily we have great coverage with 4G LTE from US Cellular.

Top Five Apps for your Holiday Shopping

There is something about Amazon that I absolutely love.  I think it might be that I can find just about everything that I could ever want or need on that website.  It is especially needed right now, since I just had a baby a few short weeks ago.  I will be doing a lot of my shopping from my couch this year.  Amazon mobile makes it incredibly easy to make purchases right on your phone.  In fact just last night I was checking my e-mail, saw a great deal for a present for my husband and purchased it right on my phone.  Talk about easy!

If you are going out to the stores on Black Friday, Google Maps is a must have app.  Did you know that it has store specific maps to help you find the best deals at great stores like Macy’s, Best Buy, and Toys R Us?  Especially if you are driving to a larger area where you don’t typically shop, and therefore don’t know exactly which aisle to go to, this app is perfect!

It seems like every store offers a loyalty or rewards card now, which is awesome!  But, it certainly makes for a lot of cards to carry around.  Key Ring lets you load all of these cards into one app, and then you can have your phone scanned at checkout.  This is certainly a lot easier than carrying around a bunch of cards!

This is a great app for Black Friday.  Millions of users submit, vote, and comment on deals across the country!  Slickdeals puts the best 30 deals on the front page every day.  It will also help you comparison shop on the fly.  If you are in a store and see a deal, you can check this app to make sure that there isn’t a better deal next door.

For those of us who don’t quite prepare for Black Friday shopping (even though I look at the flyers every year, I don’t typically go with a strategy!), Shopkick can help you as soon as you enter the store.  It helps discover all the best items at the stores close to you.  Several stores, like Target, Macy’s, Best Buy, and Old Navy, as well as several others, have partnered with Shopkick to give you instant deals as soon as you walk in the store.  The more you visit the stores, the more kicks or points you get.  The more you use the Shopkick app, the more rewards you gain, and the better deals you get throughout the Christmas shopping season.

Do you have specific apps that you use while out shopping?  What is your strategy for the weekend shopping extravaganza?  Do you like to be out in the craziness, or prefer to have a more relaxing time at home?

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