A Quiet Holiday with a New Baby?

You may have noticed that it has been a lot quieter around here lately.  Why?  Well because we have a new baby in the house, of course.  It seems like there is not enough time in the day, yet we only have three children.  It shouldn’t be that difficult, right?!

Well, it is for this mama, and I am sure any mama with a new baby would agree with me!

Leading up to the holidays, I knew that I wanted some quiet.  I wanted to do all of our regular traditions, but scale back on the outside commitments.

Funny thing, we actually added several more commitments to the month of December and beyond.

I had planned way back, when we first found out we were expecting number three, that I would take a long break from homeschooling after the baby was born.  We typically take off between Thanksgiving and Christmas anyways, but I was adding in a lot more time off.

It didn’t take long after the baby arrived to realize my other kids still needed that school routine in their lives.  And then we realized basketball was starting up again.  And then I found a piano teacher who had an opening for a new student.  And then Emma decided she wanted to join the Daisies.  Yes, here we are, one week into December and the crazy has started!

It might not seem like a lot of extra commitments, but with a new baby it certainly seems that way.

Now I am trying to decide what other parts of our normal December we may let slide. 

A couple items I am crossing off my list before I start to think too much about them are:

1.)     Christmas Cards

      Every year I like to send out Christmas cards.  I love receiving them, so I figure others must as well, and every year I dutifully fill out the cards.  I always try to write something small in each card personal to each person receiving the card.  However, this year, I am not.  I think the fact that I still have not gotten my thank-you notes done from the wonderful gifts we received for Lucy was a good indication that Christmas cards were not in our future this year.

2.)    Christmas Pictures

OK, so this does not mean that I won’t be taking any Christmas pictures.  But, the very cute Christmas picture that I take of the kids every year and include in the aforementioned Christmas cards will not be happening.  I still plan to take a Christmas picture of the kids, but it might be Christmas morning while everyone is in their Christmas pjs and not the fancy one with everyone dressed up.  I definitely do not want to pressure myself to get the “perfect” picture, especially when my kids are so little.  Christmas pictures = stressful afternoon in my book, so they are out as well.

3.)    Christmas Eve Party

I have talked before about how much I love Christmas Eve.  Every year when I was younger, my mom always had a Christmas Eve party.  Some of my best memories are from those parties.  Our tiny house filled to the brim with people.  The delicious food that my mom single-handedly prepared every year.  Piling onto my brother’s bed to play Super Mario Brothers on the Nintendo (we are talking original here people!).  Amazing memories.  Ones that I wanted to recreate with my kids.  Typically we have friends and family over on Christmas Eve, we eat a bunch of good food, decorate cookies, and have general merriment.  This year, I will not be doing a Christmas Eve party.  I’m sure I will still make a large majority of the food, but the extra people will not be here.  Instead I plan to spend Christmas Eve with my children and my husband, most likely watching Elmo’s Christmas Countdown, and hopefully getting into bed before 10pm!

Are there any traditions you are bowing out of this year?  Do you adjust your expectations of the holidays each year depending on what you have going on in your life?  What are your favorite Christmas traditions?

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  1. Sounds like a great year to cut yourself some slack and focus on your family! Yay for baby's firsr Christmas :)


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