Knitting and Reading

Last week really marked the start of the crazy around here.  December always seems to be extremely busy for us between activities for the kids, church activities, as well as visiting with family and friends.  Every year I hope it will be relatively quiet, every year it is definitely not quiet!

I am still working on the American Girl scarves for my nieces.  OK, working on them is probably not the correct phrase.  I have one that I need to finish, and I hope to sit down to do that today.  It won't take long, but finding an hour to sit and just knit is difficult.

I plan to move on to knitting a couple of gnomes if I can finish that scarf soon.  It is something I saw at Plain and Joyful Living several years ago, and I absolutely love them!  They are really a quick knit.  I have adapted the pattern to make them into dolls for my kids, and have given one to each of them at Christmas when they were babies.

As for reading, a couple of weeks ago I saw the book Frugavore on Ginny's yarn along post, and I decided it was definitely a book that I wanted to read.  I finally got it from the library, but haven't had a chance to get into it yet.  I will let you know!

How is your Christmas crafting coming along?  Have you picked up any new books lately?


  1. I have knit the little gnomes before, such a cute knit.
    I missed seeing Frugavore on Ginny's blog and am so glad you posted it, it is going in
    my cart today, a book right up my alley.

  2. I have to admit I read the sentence "I plan to move on to knitting a couple of gnomes" twice! But clicking the link, they're so cute, I can absolutely see the appeal :)

  3. Those gnomes look a bit like that doll Ginny posted about a few weeks ago- they're really cute!

  4. Those gnomes are adorable! It's such a fun time of year for knitting isn't it?

  5. i know all about meaning to sit and knit for a short time, knowing that it will only take me very little time to complete a project, but that short time to just sit down and knit is so hard to find! happy knitting and reading (and love that i found you on instagram!)

  6. I just started knitting those little gnomes again too - instant gratification:)
    That book sounds great - I look forward to hearing what you think.

  7. How would I go about getting the pattern for the gnome? I'm loving it! Thanks.

    1. Hi Sandra! You can find the gnome pattern here I alter it a bit to make it bigger for my kids. But, it is such a fun quick knit!


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