when Christmas doesn't quite feel like Christmas

I have said it before, I absolutely love Christmas.  It is such a wonderful time of year.  Incredibly festive with all the lights, and delicious food to eat all the time.

This year it seems different though.

Don't get me wrong, I am having a wonderful time with all of my kids, and my husband, but this year it doesn't quite feel like Christmas.  Not at all in a bad way, just in a "how can it already be the end of the year and Christmas is two days away!?" kind of way.

I think that a large part of it is because of how busy we have been with a new baby.  I haven't had as much time to decorate, or bake, or get out into the thick of the holiday shopping.

Instead, we have our tree up and decorated, I made goodies for my husband's work, and I did the majority of my shopping using Amazon prime this year.

Maybe it is because everything feels so rushed.  We are incredibly busy with the new baby and other activities for the kids.  Maybe because it is still so fresh having a newborn that I don't have enough mind space to get into the Christmas spirit.

I know that the reason we are celebrating is because of Jesus' birth.  So maybe I don't play as many Christmas carols this year, or bake as much, but it is still a wonderful year full of blessings!

My kids are enjoying every bit of the holiday season, even if it doesn't quite feel like Christmas to me, it certainly does to them.  And making sure they are happy and enjoying this Christmas season is incredibly important to me!

Have you had a year where Christmas didn't quite feel like Christmas?

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  1. We all must have the same thoughts because I wrote a post titled the exact same thing last night.


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