knitting and reading

Is it already Wednesday?!  Yes, yes it is.  And because that question was the first thing that I wrote in this post, I am sure you know what is coming next - very little progress has been made on my knitting!

I think that one of these days I am going to have to take a knitting retreat so that I can knit for more than 5 minutes at a time.  

Don't get me wrong, I am savoring every minute with my babes, but I would love to complete a project in the season it is needed!

I am still working on wristlets, but they are coming along nicely.  They need to be a bit longer before I do the button hole for the thumb.

Does anyone else use a button hole for a thumb on wristlets?  I'm not sure where I saw that originally, but it is incredibly easy to work right into any pattern, so I continue to use it.

As far as reading goes, I am still reading the books I was reading last week.  I am slowly making my way through The Book of Life by Deborah Harkness.  I am about 65% of the way through, and it is getting to the end, so it is a lot more fast paced.  I think that I may spend some time today trying to finish it up while nursing.

Last week I also posted my partial book list for 2015.  I would love for you to leave comments on that post for additional book recommendations!  I seem to be stuck with a lot of non-fiction to read.  I love non-fiction, but sometimes I need some light fiction to read quickly as well!

What are you working on this week?  


  1. I know what you mean! I never seem to fit in more than a few rows at a time. I love the wristlets - they will look lovely when they are finished.

  2. I finished the All Souls trilogy a couple weeks ago, really really loved it! (book 2 especially!). My reading list has been growing so much lately, and I'm trying to mix in the genre as much as possible but light easy fiction is always hard to pick! I usually use the "pretty cover" trick at my local library, works every time!

  3. I've never used a buttonhole for a thumb, but it sounds like it could work... You'll have to share what you decide on! :)

  4. The only knitting I get done in bulk is late at night after the kids are asleep and my workout is done. Doesn't leave a lot of time lately. My mom made my girls some mitts with buttonhole thumbs and I love them.

  5. Your wristleta look great and I love that deep plum color! The fact that you get any knitting accomplished is pretty amazing to me my friend!

  6. I'm with you, I feel that my yarn alongs are very dull because I don't seem to progress from one week to the next. Soon our babies will be big and we will miss the busy, I know! Your wristlet is beautiful.


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