Green Spring Cleaning

Here we are, in the first full week of April!  Can you believe it?  I certainly cannot.  Although, since I am pretty sure I said that at the beginning of March and also February, well I should probably start accepting it a little more.

Last month was all about de-cluttering for me.  This month, I am moving towards spring cleaning!

De-cluttering before spring cleaning is helpful for me.  With only those items I feel have beauty or are useful in some way, I am able to look at my home in a way to make what we have work.  

It might seem like a really long time – a month – to de-clutter or to do spring cleaning, but with three children and homeschooling, I will be happy to have the spring cleaning done in the actual spring season

Books, books and more books!

I have some bigger projects I want to get done, mainly our office, which has become a storage room.  Even though I de-cluttered the house, there are still some items that we are keeping that need to find a home – books, piles and piles of books.  That home right now is the office.  I plan to do my quarterly re-arranging of furniture to make my home feel like I am using it the best way it can be.  I also need to look into some more storage solutions.  With the above mentioned books I think some new shelving is in order. 

Between my books and the kids’ school books, we have a lot of books!  While I try to get rid of books that we are no longer using, there are a lot of books that I like to return to year after year.  I know I will never get rid of them, and they need to be put away properly.  I keep lobbying for a library in our home; perhaps fitting the office with new shelves will help that along!

Make your spring cleaning healthy for everyone!

One of the harder parts about spring cleaning is the cleaners we use to clean our homes.  These cleaners have so many warnings; I often don’t want to even touch the bottle.  Several years ago I tried to rid my home of most of these cleaners because of their toxic nature.  

That does not mean that I stopped cleaning my home, it does mean that I needed to find an alternative. 

While there are many green cleaning options available these days, I find that making my own cleaners is a cost effective way to decrease the amount of chemicals in my home.

That being said, I have a lot of empty bottles that need to be re-filled!  I love to make my own cleaners  – they are non-toxic and mean that my children can help with the cleaning.  Any help I can get is welcome!  I hope to share some of the recipes I use over the next few weeks to help you with your spring cleaning as well.

Gardening and outside the home.

We still have snow on the ground, unfortunately, and my garden is a complete mess.  I hope that over the next few weeks the snow will completely disappear and I can get started on outside spring cleanup – it is probably my favorite spring chore.  Raking out the gardens and seeing my day lilies start to come up out of the ground makes me so happy!

The kids started some tomato and sweet pepper seeds yesterday, but I know I want to start a few more things to go out into the ground in just two short months.  Figuring out which seeds I want to buy is on my to-do list for the week; also a trip to the greenhouse.

While I left for church in the middle of a huge snow squall yesterday morning, I know that spring and summer are coming, and when that warm weather is here, I want to be able to have my house clean so we can stay outside all the live long day!

Have you finished de-cluttering in preparation for spring cleaning?  Do you combine the two?  What are some of your favorite spring chores?


  1. I have a hard time getting rid of our books too, it seems like I want to hold into them all! I am ready for Spring cleaning though! I liked for green cleaners and simple, no toxic solutions too.

  2. We've been paring down our book collection more and more. Almost everything I buy now is for my tablet. While I love the feel (and smell) of real books, I also love less stuff around my house. It's been a tough road!

  3. I need to de-clutter and spring clean lol. I live down in Florida so no snow for me and my garden has been going strong since March :)

  4. We have a full library, I can't bring myself to get rid of books, although now all 9 book shelves are full, might have to do some spring cleaning!

  5. I think everyone struggles with getting rid of books. But I like to remind myself that donating them means someone else gets to enjoy the story! However, I'd never ever ever give up my Harry Potter novels. Those will be passed down to my kids! :) And I love the idea to create your own cleaners. Such a better price and just as good for cleaning!

  6. We need to go through our books. We buy books left and right. We are terrible for picking up as many books as we can carry at places like yardsales and flea markets.

  7. A library in your home sounds like a great idea! You should get on that :) and how adorable that the kids are planting seeds. Definitely some healthy spring cleaning going on there!

  8. I definitely want to get some bookshelves in our home. We don't have a ton of books, but the ones we have sit in boxes in the closet. :(

  9. I love spring cleaning. I'm itching to hire a skip and get rid of a whole load of things. Even though we already have sizeable book shelves, I think we need more lol.

  10. I started decluttering and that is as far as I got. I really need to get better with organizing but once I have my system down I'll be good.

  11. I have so much spring cleaning to do especially since I am moving soon and need to downsize! I have so much to do!

  12. I recently started going to the library for books so I don't buy (and then keep) so many. We also need to go through a bunch of our stuff and declutter.

  13. I love making my own cleaners! I always use spring to declutter! Thanks for sharing this!

  14. I love making my own house cleaners, it saves so much money and makes me feel like I'm doing good. Thanks for sharing all these tips! I'm in the middle of a declutter and it feels great.


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