knitting and reading

I finished Emma's shrug!  I am so excited that it is done!  It wasn't a hard project, I love the pattern, but making the time to knit more than a few rows at once is difficult at this stage.  Everything takes just a little bit longer to make.

Emma is really excited to get this though.  She knows it is for her birthday in a couple months, and she is happy about it.  I thought about giving it to her for Easter to wear, but I decided I would wait until her birthday instead.

My little model is still asleep though, so I am without a good photo of it being worn.  I will try and post a picture on instagram later today after we finish school.

As far as reading goes, I haven't done any this past week.  Well, I am still reading Harry Potter to the kids, and the regular reading for the kids' school, but nothing really for me.

I was planning on going to the library on Monday, but when it started snowing I decided not to leave the house.  I can't bring myself to go out in the snow anymore.  Hopefully today we can head down to the library and pick up some new books!

What are you working on this week?


  1. Sorry you didn't make it to the library. I hate when that happens! Hopefully you'll get there today. I am reading The Mockingbird Next Door - Life with Harper Lee. So far, very interesting.

  2. It looks great! Love that pattern and color :)

  3. Very nice- great color for Emma!

  4. Beautiful cowl, love the colour - I'm reading James and the Giant Peach for the same reason!


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