knitting and reading

I am currently knitting the heel flap of sock number 1, and I am happy that I am at this point!

This week has been kind of crazy with the kids, and every time I sit down to knit, something else comes up.  The days seem to move so fast, that by the time the kids are in bed and I am able to sit down to knit, I am ready for bed myself!

I'm hoping to get to some more knitting today, especially since the day looks dark and grey outside with some showers in the forecast.  

I haven't really been doing any reading this week.  Instead I have been moving around books.  We really have books everywhere in the house, and I love that we have so much reading available to us, but I need to get more of a handle on the organization.

We have had most of the kids' books on our built in shelves, but I realized that I keep losing school books because one of the kids or my husband will take a school book off the shelf to read and it will never make its way back to its spot.  I decided I better separate the school books from all the other books.

We have 5 cores from Sonlight at this point, and I am trying to figure out how to organize them.  We still read the stories from the P 3/4 and the P 4/5 curriculum, so I don't want to pack them away.  And Jack is starting to use the Kindergarten curriculum, while Emma is going back and forth between the 1st and 2nd grade cores, so essentially all 5 cores need to be accessible.  I really need a library in my house...that would be helpful!

What are you working on this week?


  1. The heel flap, and then the turning of the heel, the best part of sock knitting!
    I remember those days of several levels of books and trying to keep up, sigh.
    Just know it does get easier, I am now down to just one and it's a breeze.

  2. Once you get to the heel flap it's usually a fast sail afterwards. I really like that pattern. I have some solid sock yarn and I think that might work real well. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Oh, I think the decreasing of the toe and the grafting at the end is the best part of sock knitting (sorry, Tracey!). :) Sometimes I think all day of how I can't wait to sit down and knit for a while at the end of the day, and then once I get there, all I do is yawn, make mistakes, and realize I need to head upstairs. Hope you find lots of knitting time to finish your socks soon!
    xo Lisa

  4. Gorgeous berry colored yarn, I bet they will be well loved.

  5. Oh my goodness, 5 cores - that's allot of books! I love your sock pattern, it's so pretty and that colour! Divine.

  6. When we were homeschooling we loved the Sonlight PreK and K curriculum, I think that helped my eldest love books so much - such delightful reading! Even I got excited to get into all those good looking books - those were good times :) I love the colour of your yarn and the pattern looks super!

  7. I love your sock. I know what you mean by not getting any knitting done after the kids go to bed. Once I get my little guy down, I am too tired to pick up my needles. :)
    Best of luck with organizing your books!

  8. I'm thinking of using Sonlight next year for my daughter (she'll be in Kindergarten). What do you think of it?

  9. Organising books is totally my favourite thing to do! I keep our literacy materials on a shelf that the baby can't get at. At the moment that's pretty organised for us!


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