Education Choices for your Children with Private School Innovator

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Education is incredibly important to every family that has children.  I remember when my oldest was 2, I started to think about school, and what would be right for us.  It was around this time that the public schools were starting 4 year old programs and kindergarten was turning into a full day, instead of the half day that I had when I was in kindergarten.

Education is such a personal choice.  Every child learns differently.  Even looking at my two school aged children right now, they both have completely different learning styles.  I want to make sure that whatever schooling option we choose for our children, it is what will make them excel in the future, and prepare them to be amazing adults that contribute to our society. 

There are so many different options these days for schooling.  Public school, private school, charter school, homeschool.  How do you make the right choice for your family?

We consider our schooling options on a year by year basis.  Currently we are homeschooling.  We have considered public school, but feel it isn’t right for our family right now. 
Then there is the private school option.

Private school is something that we have seriously thought of in the past.  But, when you say “private school” there are about 100 different things that can mean.

There are religious private schools, Waldorf inspired private schools, schools that are geared more towards science and math, others are geared more towards the arts.  How do you make a decision?

I was really excited to find out about Private School Innovator.

Private School Innovator is a free online tool that helps to match up families with private schools.  They become a facilitator between the family and the school.  Having someone else look through all the different private schools based on your family’s specific criteria is a wonderful idea!

I know when we have looked at private schools in the past it has been incredibly overwhelming.  There are so many different schools, and so much information, it can make your head spin.

Private School Innovator realizes this, and wants to help families realize that private school is, and should be, available to everyone.

I think that cost can sometimes be a barrier when considering private school, but when you fill out your profile, tuition cost is part of it.  That is what is so great about this program, you get to put in your own criteria.  Then Private School Innovator will e-mail or call you and contact the schools on your behalf.  I love this idea.  It takes a lot of the stress out of researching the different options.

You can find more about Private School Innovator by visiting them on Facebook and Twitter.

How do you make schooling choices for your children?  Do your kids go to public school, private school, or do you homeschool?

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