Garden Progress

I know that last week I talked about how we typically do all of our planting on Memorial Day weekend, but wouldn't you know it, it did not happen this year.

Part of me wanted to get it all done, but when I woke up to 37 degrees on Saturday morning, I decided to wait.

We didn't even end up going to the greenhouse this weekend, which I think is a first since I have lived in this house.  I make it a point to go every Memorial Day weekend because that is when the best selection is.

My husband did get all the garden beds cleaned up though, so now I have a fresh slate to work with.

This week the kids and I will be taking a field trip to the greenhouse to pick out what we would like to grow, although I am a little leary of planting this year.

Why?  Well, if you were reading last year, you may remember that we had a bit of a woodchuck problem.  We caught and disposed of 8 woodchucks last year.  When I say we, I mean my husband.  Woodchucks are fine, as long as they are not eating my garden.  Once they cross that line, I have to get rid of them.

I was really excited when my mom (who lives at the end of our dead end street) had a family of fox move in under her shed.  I thought for sure that we would be rid of the woodchucks for this year.

Imagine my surprise when Emma and Jack ran in this weekend and told me about the cute little woodchuck that they were watching eat the clover next to the chicken coop.

"Just put up the fence" you say?  Well, unfortunately we need to buy new fencing this year which I did not realize.  So, we will see what we can pull together for fencing, and then see what we end up planting.  

In the meantime, I will be setting the trap again, and hoping that the woodchucks have not learned what it is...

How is your garden growing?  Do you have any pests that seem to return year after year?

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