knitting and reading

I took a little break from sock knitting so that I could knit something a little quicker.  I decided that I needed some new kitchen washcloths, so I am using some cotton yarn that I have in my stash to make new ones.

We don't use paper products in our home, and so rags are always needed to wipe up some spill or wash something - I do have three little kids of course!  I find that my knitted washcloths stand up so much better than what I buy at the store.

With that in mind, I decided some new rags would be good to have on hand.  Plus, this specific cotton yarn was calling to me when I was going through my stash the other day!

As far as reading goes, I am doing a lot of reading with the kids, and not so much reading for myself.  

I decided to go back through Make it Happen by Lara Casey to do all the journaling questions that are in the book.  It is something that I wanted to do while reading the book, but realized I needed to read the whole book before I could wrap my head around some of the thought provoking questions.  

I am planning on going back through several of the books that I read at the beginning of the year and had journaling questions in them.  I want to continue my word of intentional for the year, and the journaling related to these books is a large part of that.

What are you working on this week?  Do you ever go back to books that you have read, or are you a read once and done kind of person?


  1. I don't use paper products either, my small way of helping the planet.
    I use knit clothes for washing and old towels cut up for rags that hang in a
    burlap sack in my kitchen.
    Oh, I love to re read books, they are like visiting old friends.

  2. fun! homemade cotton wash clothes are so wonderful!

  3. I crochet dish/wash cloths too so much nicer than paper products.

  4. I have a couple of favourite couple of books that I have re read a couple of times in my life. One of my favourites from my teen years that I re read every couple of years is Lord of the Rings.
    You have inspired me, I must make some washcloths and as I am feeling rather bored with my current WIP it seems like the perfect solution :) I do like your cotton that you are using.

  5. What a great word of the year— mine was 'dare', and what a daring year it has been! I love the colour of that yarn— the hint of blue is really nice.

  6. That's great that you're revisiting books you've already read to do the work. I subscribe to a few journaling prompt emails, and I always think I'll come back to it, and I never do. Maybe my word next year should be intentional . . .

  7. Love your word of the year! And yes, I reread books. More often they are nonfiction ones that I am learning from, but Anne of Green Gables has my heart as far as fiction goes and I plan to reread Dickens', Great Expectations again one of these days!

    So nice to meet you here via the Yarn Along. :)

  8. I couldn't find mine to include in my post (I think it's in the car) but I also just decided I needed new cloths and cast on a really cute pattern from knitpicks- it has bobbles knit into it and it is tedious but really adorable in my red and white! I think the bobbles might be good scrubbers too! I love your blue spots in your yarn!

  9. I do try to avoid paper products, but I'm not always successful.
    I don't reread books often, but I probably should. I'd really like to reread Middlemarch one of these days.

  10. I'm definitely a go back and read again person. Certain books I never tire of. One thst comes to mind is the Little House series. I've lost count of how many times I've read it. I was in elementary school the first time. I'm 58 now and still love it!

  11. what pattern is your dishcloth? very nice

  12. I really have to try to reduce our paper usage. I have never knit with cotton. Maybe I need to make some wash cloths. I really like your pattern and yarn.


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