May 27, 2015

yarn along

I completed one whole dishcloth this week!  Woohoo!  I think that must be some type of record for me.  All kidding aside, it was nice to have a project completed in just a couple hours of knitting.  Now if I can make a few more of these, I will be happy.

I was actually thinking it should be an ongoing project so that I can have them on hand to give as gifts.  I need to do better about having gifts knit in advance of the holiday season so that I am not trying to cram everything in as soon as Halloween is over!

I need some new knitting inspiration.  Once warm weather hits I have a hard time being motivated to knit.  I mean, I want to, but no project seems to hold my interest for very long.  I always think I will sit outside and knit, and I always set out to do that, but then I get up to putter around my garden.  Perhaps some new yarn would help.

So many of you lovely knitters seem to order so much of your yarn online, how do you do that?  Do you just know that you will love it?  And what about colors?  Or do you generally order what you have purchased in person before?  The selection at my LYS isn’t quite as vast as I seem to see each week in the yarn along.

My reading, well, not so many books are being read, but I am constantly having samples sent to my kindle.  That should count for something!  I love to read the samples to see if I want to buy a book, or request it from the library.  But, since I am out of Amazon gift cards right now, no book buying can happen, instead I make a list and hope the library has the books.  Unfortunately my library hasn’t had a lot of the books I am looking for lately.  So, we continue on with kids reading for now!  Harry Potter, Little House on Plum Creek, and The School Story are the current reads with the kids.

What are you working on this week?  Where do you buy your yarn?


  1. I too am always worried about buying yarn on line, I worry about the quality. Consequently I go the one and only shop in town that sells yarn and pay a premium price. I would be interested to find out what others do.

  2. I generally buy yarn that I already know online, although I am a member of a monthly subscription club. That has been really great for introducing me to yarn I would probably never purchase myself. All the yarn has been fantastic - I have been getting it for six months and have not been disappointed once.

  3. Dishcloths/washcloths are great things to have on hand as small gifts. And during busy and stressful seasons I find myself loving the way working on something simple centers me. I have accumulated scads of dishcloths during some of those seasons, and yet...they all eventually disappear.

    Regarding ordering online: I just took the plunge this past year. I've made some mistakes and I've discovered some gems. Ravelry is a great place to get a feel for how colors may work up in different projects, and there are a lot of reviews on the quality and feel of different yarns.

    In the end, I've concluded it's not much different from buying in the store. I sort of feel like yarn is always a gamble (until I've completed a project and sometimes even washed it). A yarn can feel and behave differently on the skein than it feels worked up into an actual object. And the experience of a yarn on the skin can feel very different when it's worn for hours (as a garment) as opposed to just trying to get a feel for it standing in the store handling the skein.

    Buying online can feel expensive per purchase (because one usually feels compelled to order in quantity), but I've always bought on sale and have always bought enough to avoid shipping costs. But honestly, I doubt I've spent more purchasing yarn online than I would have if I had the same variety available to me locally. At the end of the day... whether or not a particular yarn has met my expectations, I consider it all basically good. I've yet to buy a yarn that I dislike so much I couldn't (or wouldn't) make something with it.

  4. What a nice yarn. And dishcloths are always welcome. I have had trouble with my edges rolling untill I knitted all edges in seed titch (I hope it's the rigth wotrd - purl one, knit one and do opposite next time around). As for buying yarn, I love to touch the yarn I buy. And when I come to a bigger town than my smallish one I haunt the yarn shops and buy a lot of downprized ones. Or I go to second hand places. One skein of yarn is often enough for a smalish project.

  5. Your cloth looks awesome, I decided to use your inspiration and crochet some for myself this week too :)

  6. I love the little blue flecks in the yarn. Gotta love quick and practical projects.

  7. I tend to buy yarns I already know personally, or by reputation. And sometimes the color isn't quite right, but can usually be used in a different way, so I don't return it. :-)

    We have a single yarn shop here, and while they are friendly and will order what they can, not everything can be. So, it's online for me, unless I'm visiting a place with other yarn shops.

  8. Love the dishcloth. I buy online from an indie dyer that I know who is very obliging and for other yarn I tend to buy brands I know from a reputable online company.

  9. Does your library offer kindle books. That is how I get most of those I want to read on my kindle. I really like your washcloth. I like the idea of making them for gifts.

  10. I buy online, sometimes it's an experiment! The ravelry yarn reviews are a good resource. My problem is that I always sneak in a little extra to get free postage. Naughty!

  11. I get most of my yarn at joanns with coupons! I want to touch my stuff before I buy


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