knitting and reading

Last week I asked if you ever purchased yarn online, and overwhelmingly you answered yes!  I was encouraged by that and decided that I would have to start researching on ravelry to see what yarn I wanted to buy.  I am still in the research stage, but I am really excited to get some new yarn!  

In the meantime, I am still knitting washcloths.  It will pass the time until the new yarn comes.  Although, I don't actually have any projects in mind for when I do get the new yarn...

I was thinking perhaps a summer shawl, although with the time it takes me to knit things, I probably should just make it a fall/winter shawl.  I also thought a table runner would be pretty, and maybe some new little bags for my daughter (and me too!).

In the reading department, I finally purchased the kindle version of Living Well, Spending Less.  

I have downloaded the sample so many times, and then I don't want to spend the money on a book that talks about spending I don't buy it.  But, I figured I keep coming back to it, I might as well read it.

I did have a couple people comment and e-mail about borrowing e-books from the library.  I do that sometimes, but unfortunately, our library system does not have a huge selection of e-books available, and the ones that I really want to read end up being on incredibly long waiting lists.  I do still borrow from there occasionally, but I use it more for the kids.

What are you working on this week?  Do you face long waiting lists at your library too?


  1. I am afraid we only have a small library bus unless I want to drive into town to the main library so I often have to order books and wait for them but its better than having to buy them.

  2. I usually end up waiting for hard copies of books because I haven't figured out our e-book system and based on the quality of our library system kind of doubt it's a stellar selection.
    I missed your post last week somehow but I buy a lot of yarn online now because my nearest yarn shop is an hour away and sometimes I am just not willing to wait until I have time to make that drive! I order a lot from knitpicks (although their shipping seems super slow to where we live so I usually plan ahead to my next project before I finish one) and quince & co although now that I have worked with enough other kinds of yarns too I would feel more confident ordering other certain kinds of yarn too!
    In the meantime, your dishcloth is cute, they are always the project I turn to in order to hold time while waiting for yarn. I am working away on my shawl this week which is satisfying enough to keep me from casting on a few other project ideas - I think I'm just too tired after all the long outside hours to figure out fun new exciting things and just want something familiar and cozy.

  3. I so love browsing for the next project - have fun. All of your ideas sound great and I can't wait to see what yarn you get and what you do with it!


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