June 17, 2015

knitting and reading

Guys, I have to be honest, I absolutely love the chevron pattern that I started last week!  I am still knitting washcloths using this pattern, and it is making me happy to see the progress!

I think that after seeing so many people comment about how they like to have them on hand for gifts, I realized I needed to do the same thing.  And while I think it would be nice to give a bunch of washcloths with different patterns to someone, I also think it would be lovely to have several of the same.  I think most people like to match when it comes to towels and such – although I am just happy if I have something to use!

I think that I am going to try and knit a scarf with this pattern as well, but maybe find some different yarn, maybe something in a lighter weight.  I’m not sure how it will come out though.  I might have to try some different swatches to see what would work best with the chevron.  I want the pattern to come through, but I’m not sure a heavy winter scarf would work with it.  We shall see!  I guess a trip to the yarn store is in order…I wonder how many times I can come up with an excuse to go shopping for yarn?  It seems to be often recently!

As far as my reading goes, I finished up LivingWell, Spending LessI really enjoyed it.  I especially liked the parts about contentment.  I find that oftentimes, with all the social media, it is hard to be content.  You see friends going on amazing vacations, and realize you haven’t done that in several years, or pictures of the latest gadgets and fun electronics (I’m a bit of a nerd) are always in the news and it is a struggle to realize it isn’t something I need, far from it actually.

I have seen a bunch of people post about the Outlander series lately, and I think I am going to start reading the first book.  I started it a while ago, but wasn’t immediately sucked into it, so I returned the book to the library and moved on.  But, I know that I only read a couple chapters, and am sure that if I try a few more I will probably get sucked in like everyone else!

In the meantime, I am reading Harry Potter to the kids still, and have been thinking about making my way through the Lord of the Rings trilogy, which I have never read.  I also started Time Management Mama, which I saw on another blog.  I’m not sure I like it yet, but am only a little ways into it.

I think I need an easy novel to read, just to get my reading back on track, it has fallen off lately.  Perhaps more trips to the library are in order!


  1. I really like that chevron pattern too Heather and I will be digging in my stash to cast on a few of those cloths myself.
    I keep hearing about the Outlander series too, it's very popular, but I've never read them.
    Happy Wednesday.

  2. love that pattern too. Never read any of the Outlander series myself.

  3. Great idea to make cloths and have them on hand for last-minute gifts. Lovely stitch, equally lovely yarn.

  4. Great pattern - simple but really effective. I love Lord of the Rings, but when I first read it when I was about 18, I couldn't get into it. I went back to it 10 years later and now I've read it about 5 times.
    I am planning on starting the Outlander books too. I want to watch it, but I always like to read first.

  5. The chevron is really cute- I like to try having cloths on hand for gifts sometimes too! Happy reading, I'm in the same over looking for a simple grabby read right now!

  6. I like this pattern! So simple, but really lovely. Lets the colour shine. I really love Lord of the Rings, but he's certainly wordy. Such a beautiful story, though. :)

  7. That really is a nice pattern. And I agree - social media has a bad habit of making us want what we really don't need. I'm working on that myself.

  8. great pattern...and I think you are right; it's nice to have a 'set'. Read a couple of the Outlander series years ago and liked it; maybe time to jump into the series again?

  9. Lovely pattern, and I agree, one you could use for numerous projects. And a set of cloths with the same pattern would be great.

  10. Beautiful pattern, it will look amazing as a scarf.


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