knitting and reading

Last week I was fortunate enough to win a pattern from Sarah over at Sezza Knits.  I never win anything, so I was really excited!  Especially since I feel like I needed some new knitting inspiration.

It is the Momoka, and it is beautiful!

source: ravelry
I haven't actually started it yet.  Why?  Because I need to buy some new yarn for the project.  I'm not entirely sure what color I want to use though.  I tend to gravitate towards purples for Emma, but I was thinking this would be really pretty in a light blue.  

I thought I might have a chance this past weekend to run to the store, but with my brother and sister-in-law up, as well as my little niece and nephew, errands took the very back seat!

My reading is definitely not going well.  I want to dedicate time to it, because I love it, but have found that I need to spend my time researching books for the new school year.  

We school year round, and happen to be finishing up last year right now, and will need new books soon.  I think that we moved through this year a little faster than I anticipated.  Partly because I gave us a lot of leeway with the new baby that we didn't really need.  

I do enjoy looking through all the books that we will end up using for the next year.  We are moving into our first year of American history, and early American history is definitely a passion of mind - I actually took every American History class I could in college, even though I was an Economics major!

I am looking forward to getting all my boxes of books, so that I can get back to reading for myself and not to pre-read for my kids.

What are you working on this week?


  1. that will be a cute top when done. One of our grands favourite colour is purple she is 29 months old and she reckons her cousin's favourite colour is purple also, (19 months old) despite the fact the 19 month old doesn't talk...LOL I guess she thinks everyone's favourite colour should be purple because she loves it.

  2. That will be a darling knit. Can't wait to see it.

  3. That is adorable. I think blue would be super cute.

  4. That is an adorable knit! I think the same kind of gradient color-way but in purple would be gorgeous - though I have always found that the gorgeous yarn is hard to find!
    I've recently picked up reading for the sake of it recently and it has been an awesome way to unwind at the end of the day - hoping you will be able to find time for that as well!

  5. that is one cute sweater to knit up, I hope you find the yarn quickly so you can start!! Great excuse to yarn shop :)

  6. What a cute pattern! I never win stuff either but I won a pattern last year that I am working on a little at a time and I was so excited! Congratulations!

  7. Yay! Congratulations to you. I also won a copy of the pattern and have not yet started. I think I might wait till Spring and make it in cotton.

  8. Great pattern! Hope you find the perfect yarn ! I love love American History….wish I could take your class.

  9. What a lovely little pattern, I'm sure you will find the right yarn soon!


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