Target Haul - Back to School Edition

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Yesterday I talked about savoring summer, and here I am today talking about back to school shopping!  I am definitely not wishing away the summer days, very much the opposite actually, but back to school shopping is something that I enjoy immensely, and my children also enjoy it!  Add in that we are year round homeschoolers, and back to school shopping starts a little earlier than normal.

A couple of years ago I tried really hard to get the best deals on school supplies.  I waited until everything was marked down.  It was still before school started around here.  What happened?  The stores did not have all the items that I had hoped to purchase.  To avoid that issue, I now go ahead and shop earlier in the back to school season.  There is a better selection, and the deals are still quite good.  I do still hit up the crazy discounted prices after school starts, but that is instead for filler items, extra notebooks, more pencils if the kind I like are still available.

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We are starting our new school year next week!  I can’t believe that it is that close.  I have mentioned before that we are year round homeschoolers, so while we do take time off during the summer, and also have a much lighter load on the days we actually do school, we prefer to have largish chunks of time off throughout the year.

Because we are starting next week, I realized that we would need to pick up a few things at Target for the kids. 

Surprisingly we didn’t need nearly as much as I originally thought.  My main concern was to get notebooks for the kids, and that is such a basic piece of equipment for the kids’ schooling.

Notebooks are probably my favorite tool for homeschooling.  They are incredibly versatile, and can be used for anything from planning, to drawing, to actual school work; and they are incredibly cheap - $.17/notebook for the wide ruled right now!

A couple months ago I saw a blog post by Sarah Mackenzie, author of Teaching From Rest, and she discussed how using spiral notebooks was simplifying her homeschool planning.  I have used spiral notebooks for planning out what I need to do with the kids for school regularly, and only this year decided to purchase an Erin Condren Teacher Planner to help with my planning.  But, spiral notebooks are an amazingly cheap and easy way to plan out your days, and to encourage your kids to take ownership of their schoolwork.

The kids picked out new backpacks and also got lunch boxes for the first time.

This year I am going to try packing the kids a lunch and snacks in the morning (or if I am super organized, the night before!).  My purpose in this is to streamline our school time a bit more.  I allow the kids to eat when they are hungry, instead of adhering to specific meal/snack times.  The reason I do this is because my kids are hungry constantly, but eat small portions at each meal so they need to eat more often.  My hope is that if there is a lunch/snacks already packed, we won’t have to interrupt our school time for me to go and fix them a snack, they will be able to get something out of their lunch box and continue on their day.

Some of the other new school supplies we picked up are new markers and crayons, drawing pads to use for science notebooks as well as artist notebooks, new pencils and extra erasers, and large construction paper.

I am really excited about our new school year.  I have all of our books now (in my video I mention they were going to arrive Wednesday, but they showed up yesterday instead), and am ready to sit down and plan out our first week of school!

Where are you in the back to school process?  Are your kids starting school soon, or is it closer to Labor Day for your area?


  1. Nice video and everyone always needs new crayons!

  2. Packing a snack and lunch is a great idea, I will have to try it out!


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