End of Summer?!

Can we talk for a minute about how it is almost September?  How the heck did that happen?!  I was reminded of it this morning when I grabbed for a sweatshirt after I got out of bed.  A little chilly! 

With the end of summer comes all of the excitement that fall brings, apple picking, football games, soups and more crock pot meals, sweaters; all things that I am extremely fond of.  

At the beginning of every new season I am convinced it is my favorite, but the beginning of fall, I think, might win over all the others.  

Warm days, cool nights, no humidity, and little rain - yes, perfect!

Seasonal living is something that has become incredibly important to me.  I think I always knew the importance of the seasons, but it is definitely coming to the forefront of my mind now, with my children growing so fast. 

I am learning to savor each season, and the different activities that come with each part of the year. 

I feel like our activities are so tied to the seasons, and there are specific things we do in each month.  It reminds me that I have an amazing book by Amanda Soule, The Rhythm of Family.  I am going to have to dig that book out and read it again.

One thing that I love about the late summer and early fall is the abundance of fresh vegetables.  There are so many available - tomatoes, peppers, onions, three of my favorites and a staple in my home weekly.

I love to chop up these veggies with just a little sea salt, olive oil and a splash of raw vinegar - delicious!

I’m also eating a lot of tomatoes and summer squash with garlic.  I honestly can’t get enough of the fresh summer vegetables, and I know they are so short lived, it doesn’t seem fair!

Usually this coming weekend would mark a time of canning tomatoes, but I will let you know, I did not buy my 100 pounds of tomatoes for canning (plus what I typically pick from my garden – since the garden is non-existent this year).  It seems a little strange to not be preparing for a big weekend of tomato canning, but I am slowly coming to grips with this year being different than years past.

Having three little ones, two homeschoolers and one under one year old, I have adjusted my expectations of the year in preserving.  I’m looking forward to a garden next year, but this year we will continue to let everything lay fallow, and start new next year.

Are you looking forward to fall?  Which is your favorite season?

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