Feeling Lost with my Urban Homestead

I didn’t plant a garden this year.  I didn’t even plant anything in the numerous pots that I have stashed in my basement.  No, this year was a sabbatical year for my garden, and for us.  The chickens were processed last year and not replaced in the spring.

It feels really odd.

I have had a garden every year that I have lived in this house, and have thoroughly enjoyed all of the produce the garden has provided my family; but this year I didn’t plant a thing, and now I feel lost! 

Right now I should be starting to preserve vegetables.  Beans should be going in the freezer, and being pickled for the kids snacks this winter.  I should be grating up zucchini so that I can make zucchini bread or throw it in soup.  Pickles need to be made. 

Typically I start preserving right from my garden, and then purchase extra from the Farmers’ Market to round out what we have picked, but I haven’t even started yet!

This week I will be visiting the Farmers’ Market and the co-op to see what is available, and what I can purchase in bulk.  Even though I don’t have a garden that does not mean that I close the blinds on preserving as well.

I realize that all of this sounds silly, who really cares if I don’t plant a garden or preserve any food this year?  In the grand scheme of things it isn’t a big deal.  I can still support my local farmers, and we certainly can get any food we need from the grocery store.  However, I feel like it is something I need to do.

Do you ever get that feeling?  There is something that you must do, and when you resist it, you feel off?  I think that is what has happened to me this year.

Even this blog, homesteading on my little quarter of an acre has been integral to what I write here at Townsend House.  Without garden progress to write about, I have less to say in this space this summer.

Don’t get me wrong, I have been having an amazing summer.  The weather has been absolutely beautiful, surprisingly not too hot and humid, comfortable at night while we are sleeping (and I am super happy about that considering our a/c broke this year, and it was not on the priority list for replacement).  The kids have been playing in their little pool almost every day.  Watching Lucy grow has been wonderful.  It isn’t all doom and gloom here, not at all actually, just different.

I think that I am going to plant a fall garden this year, something I have never done even though I have talked about it before.  It won’t be anything large.  Actually, I’m not sure if it will be large or not.  I just did a quick google search to see what I could plant now, and apparently I can plant a whole heck of a lot…so we will see! 

I need to get a move on if I am going to do it though.  Here we are, already in the first week of August.  We are starting school this week, and I think that I will be doing a Science unit on plants right off, so we can all get involved in the fall garden planning.

Have you experienced an off year with your homestead before?  Or an off season in general because what you typically do is not happening?  I would love to hear about it in the comments!

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  1. Yes, I can relate - when life just "happens" and you don't have control it's hard! I think you are having the Summer you should and making the kids your #1 priority and the fact is, you just ran out of time! Next year your garden will be ready and you will too!


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