knitting and reading

I have not been knitting a lot these past couple of weeks!  It seems to be a trend for me this summer, taking time off from knitting.  I will blame it on the hot weather and preparing to start school (which we did this week!).

I have done a bit of knitting, unfortunately, it is all Christmas knitting, and so I cannot show you right now.  Not that I have a lot of people in my real life reading my blog, but there are a few, so better to be safe than sorry!

Instead, I will share a picture of this pretty pink yarn that I have yet to use for Emma’s sweater project.

Am I the only one?  That starts knitting for Christmas so early?  I have this fear of the rush right before Christmas, and so I start super early.  However, I do still tend to have that Christmas rush…perhaps because I start so early I think I can finish a whole lot more than I am actually able?

On the reading front, there have been a lot of books.  Like I mentioned above, we started school this week.  We are year round homeschoolers, but we still have a definite “start” to our year, complete with new books and new school supplies – who doesn’t love school supplies?!

We mainly use a literature based approach to homeschooling, so there are always lots of books.  This week we started reading Treasure Island (an awesome Target Dollar Spot Find) and The Candymakers, which is about four children who are in a candy making contest.  My kids are loving this book.  I think that the fact that one of the kids is the son of a candy maker, and lives in a candy factory, is very appealing to them.  It is also making me want to read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which I don’t think I have ever read – only seeing the movie.
For my own reading, I have been diving into For the Love by Jen Hatmaker.  I am enjoying the writing immensely.  It is filled with her humor, which I quite enjoy, and is very encouraging.  I’m not entirely sure what I expected from this book, so I cannot figure out where I stand on it.  I’m not sure if it is supposed to be only an encouraging book, or if there is something else that I am supposed to be garnering from its pages.  I’m about a third of the way in, and will have my full review up soon.

What are you working on this week?  Have you read any books that you seemingly love, but aren’t quite sure what it is about?


  1. I love the dollar spot at Target! We find the most wonderful treasure that we "need".

  2. Your photo is so neat!

    I like Jen Hatmaker's humor too and have been inspired by some of her writings. I've not read this book of hers. I love children's books and The Candymakers sounds fabulous. I always loved Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

    We homeschool too, but not year round. I'm not ready for summer to end yet and to need to think about school schedule quite yet!

    I like Usborne books and we've had a couple of the Story of the World histories.

  3. I start Christmas knitting in January Heather so you are not alone. It takes time to knit items and it can't wait until the last moment so I like to think that we are just good planners.
    This September I begin my last year of homeschooling, sigh, and I'm not sure how I feel about it.

  4. Lovely pink. I have not started Xmas knitting yet, but I really ought to!

  5. Something I've been reading quite a bit, but without being sure if I'm missing something, is a collection of the letters of novelist Bruce Chatwin called "Under the Sun". The thing is, while the letters are great, I've never read any of his actual books, so I'm not sure if I'm missing something. Still, it tends to inspire me to keep the art of letter writing alive!


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