A Sick Day

What is it about the change in seasons that causes everyone to get sick?  It seems like as soon as all the kids go back to school, the sicknesses begin!

It definitely hit our house yesterday.

Jack woke us up around 4am saying he didn't feel well.  Matt got him back to bed, and I ended up getting up for the day.  I was having an incredibly productive morning, and then Matt came downstairs after Jack had gotten sick all over him.  

The laundry and baths began, and the day was quite different than how I had envisioned!

I had nothing in the house for sick babies.  I wasn't prepared.

Luckily, my mom lives close by and was able to make a grocery run for me (thanks mom!).

I realize that no matter what kind of sickness comes through our home, I always turn to the same home remedies that I always do, things that gave me comfort when I was sick as a child as well.

What are those items?

First up Campbell's Chicken and Rice or Chicken Noodle Soup.  What is it about these little red cans that helps us feel better?  I know that there is a definite benefit to chicken broth, or bone broth in general, and having some on hand in the freezer is a must for the winter months.

Next on my list is Ginger Ale.  This is obviously the first thing we try after any of the kids have some sort of stomach issues.  Stir out the bubbles and it is a delicious ginger syrupy drink that the kids would probably drink all day if I let them!

Premium Saltine Crackers - the best saltines there are, and we can go through sleeves of these when we are under the weather.  And they are perfect in the chicken noodle soup when we are back on more solid foods!

Finally, electrolyte freezer pops.  OK, this one isn't one that I had growing up.  But, it is something we give the kids now.  Water is harsh on their stomachs, but we don't want them to become dehydrated, and they think this is a treat, so it works well for us.

Today will be a relatively low-key day with stories and movies, a perfect day for cuddling on the couch after a very long day of sickness yesterday.

What are your go-to remedies for when your littles are sick?


  1. I keep ginger ale in the basement just in case. I also have the recipe for hire to make your own pedialyte (from WHO) in my medical kit. Hope everyone feels better soon. I loathe stomach bugs.

    You asked about water filter. We have a life straw and we also have water purification tablets in the car (with drink mixes because they taste really bad). At home we have a higher grade water filter that we have used on backpacking trips in the past.

  2. All the remedies we use! We have ginger ale, saltines and the soup in the garage - and the electrolyte pops in the freezer. That and R and R work wonders! Hope everyone is on the mend!


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