Back to School with Teenage Drivers #BetterMoments

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Are you feeling back on track with your school routine yet?  I know that we are still easing into it, and we started 6 weeks ago!  It seems like every morning is different, and making sure the kids are ready for the day is a struggle, especially with the beautiful weather we have been having.  They want to play outside all day instead of sitting to do school…and honestly I sometimes agree!

Back to school also brings a lot of changes to the roads.  There are more teen drivers out driving to school.

I was not one who had a car in high school.  I had no need really, I lived so close I could walk easily, but man, I wish I had a car to drive to school.  Luckily, most of my friends did have cars, and they were so kind to pick me up so I wouldn’t have to walk in the freezing cold winter weather we have in Maine.

Of course, when I was in high school we did not have nearly the amount of distraction of teen drivers today.  Between texting and talking on cell phones (apparently I was born in the prehistoric era, I didn’t even have a cell phone until I went to college!), there are a lot of interruptions that can happen for teen drivers. 

We want everyone to be safe.

U.S. Cellular provides a high-quality network that keeps customers connected, and has several resources that can help families with young drivers have peace of mind.

The first resource is the Parent-Child Agreement.  This agreement helps start the conversation between you and your child on how they will use their cell phone.  I think that this is incredibly important.  Kids need to know your expectations about cell phone usage.  You may think that your teen is smart enough not to be texting and driving, but unless you make that connection to them – the dangers of it – they may not even think of it.  Not because they are not smart, but because kids don’t often think of the consequences of actions until after they have them.

This agreement is also great to demonstrate to your kids that you are following the same rules.  Don’t expect your teen to not text while driving if you do text while driving.  It is obviously important to model the behavior that you want your teen to exhibit in the same situations.  I definitely recommend downloading this agreement and discussing it with your kids.

Another amazing tool that U.S. Cellular offers is the U.S. Cellular Vehicle Monitoring System.

This system allows parents the location of the vehicle as well as if there are any mechanical issues with the car.  After you put on the easy-to-install module, you can use the app on your iPhone 6 to check the location of the vehicle on a map, and track and interpret engine codes to be aware of mechanical issues.

It is kind of amazing what my iPhone is capable of these days! 

I think these are great options for parents of teen drivers.  I know it would certainly give me peace of mind!

What types of rules do you have with your kids about cell phone usage?

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  1. I think this is a great idea. My son has his permit, but isn't driving on his own yet. I'll have to see if our carrier has a similar app because cell phone use in the car makes me crazy. I am good about modeling the behavior myself - if my phone goes off when my son is in the car, I automatically hand him the phone and have him answer and reply for me.


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