Changing the Sheets

We had our first frost this past weekend.  It was a little jarring to me, especially considering it had been so warm just a couple weeks ago.  I am always looking forward to the change in seasons, but it always seems to catch me off guard – except summer, summer never seems to show up when I want it to!

I absolutely love the fall.  I think it might be my favorite season; although I think that every season is my favorite at the beginning.

This time last year I was in the final stretch before Miss Lucy would arrive, and it was a bit of a blur really.  And now, here we are again, almost to her 1st birthday, and it seems crazy how fast the past year has gone!

I have been in the mood for baking and cooking again, something I don’t really want to do in the summer.  I love to have a pot of soup on the stove simmering away all day.  It truly is amazing to watch water and veggies turn into something delicious by the end of the day!

I realized that with the change in seasons, I was thinking more about hunkering down for winter.  The things that we need to do around the house to be ready for when the cold arrives.

It reminded me that I should be revisiting some of my goals from earlier in the year.

I know that January is the typical time to set goals, to figure out where you want your year to go, what you plan to accomplish, but I feel like by the time the end of the year gets here, all the goals are essentially either lost or they have become habits.

Goal setting in fall seems like an odd thing, not quite the same as the newness of a new year, but it has been something on my mind.

Not the typical goal setting – “I will go to the gym every day!” but all of the seasonal shift goals. 

Perhaps I am just ready to change the sheets, put on the heavy blankets and buckle down for our longest season.

Getting out the warm blankets, making sure the pantry is stocked with plenty of dry beans and lentils, and putting vegetable stock and chicken stock in the freezer.  Planting my garlic. 

I am feeling incredibly introspective this morning.  Maybe because we are coming up on Lucy’s first birthday, maybe because of the change in seasons, maybe because of how busy we have been and will continue to be right through the end of the year.

It does make me want to sit back a bit and figure out what I need to work on in the next few months, even though they are going to be busy.  Is it possible to feel like nesting when you aren’t pregnant?  Maybe this is making up for the fact that I didn’t feel at all like nesting when I was pregnant with Lucy.

What are you working on right now?  Have you changed your bedding over to winter yet?

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  1. Love the sweet pictures of Lucy :) Simply beautiful! Haven't changed the sheets to warmer ones (yet) but the AC came out: baby steps!


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