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As we move into the end of September, I decided it might be fun to do a day in the life post.  I always enjoy seeing these types of posts from other bloggers and vloggers, so I thought I would do one.  Let’s get started!

5am – I always strive to wake up before my kids.  I know that my day runs 100 times smoother if I do.  I was on my game last night and set the coffee pot up to brew so it would be ready and waiting for me this morning.  A little tip, if you have that option, and you like coffee in the morning, set it so it is completely finished brewing when you come down to the kitchen.  I set mine for 4:45, so by the time I drag myself downstairs, it is ready and waiting for me.

I take the opportunity to brush my teeth and wash my face quickly.  Then I grab my coffee, my Bible and journal, and sit down to have my quiet time.

I am still a part of a wonderful morning study group through HelloMornings.  If you aren’t involved in this type of accountability group, I highly recommend it.  It definitely helps me to know that there are several other ladies up early and discussing our Bible study and general life together. 

I also take this time to go over my plan for the day.  I look through my Erin Condren Life Planner to see what I have on the docket for the day, as well as put in anything that I can think of that I need to do.  I also go over what I need to do for school for the day.

6am – Lucy woke up!  Actually she woke up crying which is not typical for her.  I think perhaps she was cold because it was only 45 degrees out this morning and we had the windows open.  She woke up pretty much as soon as I opened my laptop to work on writing…it’s funny how that seems to happen!

7:15am – The kids are up and ready to eat.  I can’t believe they slept so late!  Emma is usually up by 6am every day!  I think the field hockey on Sunday evenings must be wearing her out, yay!  However, Emma is immediately starving, and I haven’t gotten a lot of writing done because Miss Lucy has been a bit crabby this morning.

I have to get breakfast for Emma – she needs to eat immediately when she wakes up.  It is oatmeal.  I make it every day for the kids, oatmeal with whole milk and frozen blueberries and strawberries with a drizzle of maple syrup.  The kids love it, and I am happy they are getting something nutritious for breakfast.

7:30am – I go to use the elliptical.  I get 30 minutes in.  This is new and needs to stay a regular part of my routine.

8:30am – I get a shower (yes!) and then come out to find that Lucy has made a mess in her diaper…and it is all over the pack and play.  Lots of cleanup before school starts.

9:03am – the kids sit down for school.  Jack finishes his math and reading and copy work super fast, so he is off playing.  Emma does her devotion and Bible reading, and is spending the next however long on her math lesson.  She gets distracted a lot, and with Jack playing and Lucy jumping in the exersaucer, it doesn’t take much!

During the time the kids are working on school, I am working on getting my blog post and video up – my first PopSugar Must Have Subscription Box unboxing.  I’m also trying to find that cup of coffee I thought I poured for myself earlier…apparently I didn’t pour it…or it has disappeared into the abyss. 

11:30am – Lucy fell asleep so I am moving her upstairs to take a nap.  I come back down to do some reading with the kids.  We are reading a book called The Candymakers, which the kids are really enjoying, and I am as well.  We also read a book called Apples for our apple unit.  The kids need to come up with some facts to put in their apple project books.

12:30pm – The kids are done with school and are now playing outside in “Kidonia.”  They watched an episode of Arthur where the kids created a land where there were no chores and no adults called Kidonia, and so now my kids created something similar outside under our big tree.  I’m taking this moment to try and get a few things picked up around the house, and get some dishes done.

1:30pm – I’m making lunch now because the kids didn’t want to eat earlier – we are having tuna sandwiches.

For the rest of the afternoon the kids are mainly playing outside and I am working inside on chores and cleaning up as well as starting dinner.  I didn’t have to make dinner today because the kids decided they didn’t want to eat their sandwiches when I made them, so they were able to have those for dinner and Matt and I had leftover soup.

8pm – All the kids are in bed and I am exhausted!  It is a long and full day every day, but it is definitely enjoyable.  Now Matt and I will sit down and chat and flip through the channels.  Matt tried to get me to watch the season premiere of Doctor Who, but since I refuse to ever watch that show, we end up watching HGTV and wondering how the people afford a $500k+ mortgage…

That was my day.  I hope you had fun!  Most of my days are the same; we spend most of the morning on school and then most of the afternoon playing while I clean up around the house.  It might not seem very exciting, but I enjoy it.  When I am out running errands, it tends to throw off most of the day, so I try to wait until Matt is home to get out and run errands, or do them on the weekends.

What does your typical day look like?

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