Fall Sports!

It never fails; the busyness of fall always seems to approach.  A lot of people believe that because we are homeschoolers we aren’t busy.  That really isn’t accurate.

Yes, we do not have to be out the door first thing in the morning, but the extracurricular activities are always there, and that makes our evenings a little crazy!

Yesterday we signed Emma up for Field Hockey.  This will be her first year participating in this sport.

I’m actually really excited about it.  I played in junior high, and I loved it!  My mother’s helper (who sadly has moved on to a real job now) plays varsity at the high school in our community, and helped some with the clinic yesterday.  I know that is part of the reason Emma is excited to play, she definitely looks up to Kallie!

Field Hockey runs right into Basketball, which starts at the beginning of November.  This will be the first year we have two children involved in activities, and honestly I am scared.

I know how busy it gets when we have Emma in her activities, and then to add one more child to the mix. 

Matt and I had the conversation about over-scheduling our kids.  Since we homeschool, we seem to have “unlimited time.”  Instead of knowing we need to be in school between certain hours, and make sure we have time for homework etc. we have a little more freedom with our schedule.  It is easy to think, oh, it is only a few nights each week, but what ends up happening is we are all coming and going, and that is hard for me as a mom and especially as an introvert.

We decided that we wanted the kids to participate in only one activity at a time.  So right now, that is Field Hockey for Emma, and then it will be Basketball for both Emma and Jack.

As I write that, I’m not sure how we will accomplish that.  Emma also wants to be in Brownies this year, she and Jack are both interested in 4-H, and I want them to take piano lessons.  There is the co-op we are interested in joining and the extra field trips.  The play group at the Farmers' Market is in there as well.  So, the one activity per season doesn’t seem realistic.  Perhaps it is because we are homeschoolers that all that extra is involved.

I think we, as parents, want our kids to have as much opportunity as possible.  It seems like the amount of scheduling for our kids is so much more than when I was younger.  I don’t want to overwhelm them, I also don’t want them to feel left out because their friends are involved in so many activities. 

Where is the line? 

I’m not sure.  I know that last fall was incredibly busy, between bringing home a new baby, Emma having piano, Daisies (Girl Scouts), and basketball.  The weekends were full, the evenings were full, and I was definitely sleep deprived!

It is all a balancing act.

I am so looking forward to this fall, and the beginning of the crazy busy again.  But, it is definitely an adjustment after the long lazy days of summer.  This is all so new to me and I am trying to find my way the best I can, and doing what is best for my kids and family. 

How do you balance activities in your home?  Do your kids participate in everything?  Do you have a limit per season?


  1. I noticed that the more activities we would do, the more frustrated I would get in our homeschool for lack of time... We are a one activity a week household as it works best for us but others manage just fine with lots of outside activities. I guess it just depends on the character of the mother and how she likes to run her household :)

  2. I agree completely with you. I've been feeling so busy the last three weeks...and not liked it. I've been worried I've signed the kids up for too much but they are enjoying it and we seem to finally have fallen into a routine.


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