knitting and reading

I haven't been knitting for the past few weeks!  I was already to start knitting because it had cooled off a bit.  I thought that during our vacation I would have plenty of opportunity to knit - and I did have plenty of opportunity, but had no desire because it was 95 degrees and we do not have air conditioning.  So, no knitting.

Then last week I thought I might do some knitting.  But I didn't, instead I was trying to get us back on track with school after having vacation.

It is still warm, but I knew that I needed to get back on my knitting game.  Of course, at this point, after taking a couple weeks off, I had no clue what to knit.  I looked at some new patterns, but nothing was sparking my interest.

I started looking at the yarn that I have, hoping something would spark my interest, and buried below a bunch of yarn was a half finished sock, and I decided that was what I was going to work with!

Knitting socks is fun for me, but I rarely get the second one finished - does anyone else have this problem?  It isn't that I don't like the pattern, or that I don't like knitting socks, it is that I get the first one done, start the second, and then I put it down to work on something else.  I will complete these socks though, they will be perfect for Emma for the fall!

As far as reading goes, I am kind of all over the place.  We are doing a lot of reading for school (and will be for the next 18 years I would imagine), I am also still slowly reading Pride and Prejudice to Lucy - I did this with Emma when she was a baby and also with Jack, strange I know.  

My newest book is called Dark Rising by Monica McGurk.  It is the second book in her Archangel Prophecies.  I had the opportunity to review the first book  Dark Hope last fall, and I really enjoyed it.  So I was really excited to start the second book.  I should have the full review up at the end of the week, but really really good!  I love young adult fiction, easy to read stories that are compelling - fun!

What are you knitting and reading this week?


  1. It's really hot here too, but thank goodness for the a/c [a must in my area] or I would have to move.

    I knit my socks at the same time so I don't have trouble with the second one. I bougtht two sets of needles and I do the cuff on one sock, then the cuff on the other, the leg, then the other leg, ect. so they are almost done at the same time. It's just something I've always done and it works for me.

    I love your sock, as you know I am a sucker for purple!
    Happy knitting.

  2. I love young adult fiction too!
    Love the purple socks - hope the weather cools down so you can get them both finished.

  3. I love ya fiction too, for a while it was all I read but I'm now branching back into more adult oriented lit. I will get the YA bug again soon, I'm sure! I hope the socks come along- I too have second sock syndrome!!

  4. I made a big yellow sock once. It looked like something from Braveheart, but it did help me realize that I COULD make socks if I determined to do so. What do they call that? The second sock syndrome? Your sock looks good!
    Best wishes as you begin schooling. God be with you.
    This is my first Yarn Along. FUN!

  5. I know the feeling, of not wanting yarn craft in the heat. But somehow, working on afghans and hot weather are kind of my jam - my largest blankets have been finished in the summer time 0.o
    Your sock pattern looks adorable! :D

  6. Oh I get second sock syndrome all the time. Yours is lovely . I do love sock knitting so I use 8 double points. I cast on both socks. Knit each ribbing, then knit each heel, etc etc SO I do them next to one another and they finish very close to one another.

  7. I admire the fact that you knit socks at all! I have never knit a pair, because I am afraid it will take forever to finish with such skinny yarn and tiny needles. I have heard that once you wear a pair of hand-knit socks, you will never want store-bought again. :)

  8. Love your sock. I knit taat, whether that be on many dpn or two long circulars.

  9. Ooh lovely socks, very pretty shade of yarn :)

  10. That sounds like a book I would enjoy.

    Thanks for your response about the fb group. I will let you know once I get something put together!

  11. You just described the last month of my life....vacation, getting ready for school and little knitting. lol. That book looks interesting. I'll have to check it out :)

  12. Love the sock, and the color. And I don't think it's strange at all to read Pride and Prejudice to babies. I should have done it. We read it together a couple years ago, from our five year old on up and everyone liked it. We read Emma this year.


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