Our Homeschool Week Wrap up and Happy Mail!

It has been quite a busy week here at Townsend House!  We have had a good week, but I haven't finished nearly the amount of school that I was planning.  

Wednesday morning I had a little trip to the eye doctor and decided to have my eyes dilated, since I haven't done that for quite some time.  Of course, I completely forgot about not being able to see close up for several hours after they are dilated.  I also was fitted for a new contact subscription.  So not only could I not see close up, but I was getting a headache from adjusting to a new prescription.

Here is a little video of my morning craziness!

Then yesterday we had a little trip to the library in the morning to meet up with some friends.  It was a lot of fun, and the kids definitely blew off some energy, but coming home around lunch time kind of derailed the afternoon a bit.  I was trying to get Lucy to take her one nap, the kids were reading their new books, and math was not high on the priority list!

Do you ever feel like it is easier to call it a day, and start again the next morning?  

That is how I felt yesterday.  

I was able to get dinner in the crock pot first thing in the morning though, chicken chili.

Today is a new day though!  And will be a catch up day.  There are a lot of weeks when we only do school four days a week so that Friday can be a free day.  This week we did minimal school on two days, so today is going to be a full day of work.

The beauty of homeschooling - flexibility!  

I also received some packages in the mail, which always makes me happy!  And bonus, they were here earlier than I expected.  Part of it was the Book It! package for homeschooling.

I love getting snail mail, and honestly rarely get it these days (besides the junk mail and bills).  Actually, I rarely send snail mail as well...so perhaps that is why I don't get any!  The kids love getting letters in the mail as well.

Part of their writing for this year will be pen pal letters, mainly because they keep writing letters to their cousins and friends from church and expecting me to mail them out everyday.  They don't quite grasp the fact that mailing one letter costs a good ol' 49 cent stamp, and when they stuff their envelopes full of other things (Jack wanted to mail his cousin Riley a couple of his army men) it adds quite a bit to the cost of the letter!  So we are trying to reign in the amount of letters that are sent out, and also working on having them be longer than two sentences.  

Instead, they have set up mailboxes outside their bedrooms and randomly deliver letters and toys to one another.

Now to get back to our regularly scheduled day!

How is your new fall routine going?  Are you making any adjustments?


  1. Of course I love these videos and getting more of a glimpse into your busy days! LOVE that crockpot - makes for an easy dinner on those busy weeknights!

  2. It's fun to hear a recap of your day. We got our Book It package, too--YAY! Your chicken chili looks delicious. I love Crockpot cooking. It's such a time-saver.


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