31 Days - knitting and reading

Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading.  There is something comforting about curling up on the couch with a good book, or to work with wool.  I love it!

I thought it only appropriate, being that I am talking about self-care this month, to also talk about these two activities which bring me so much joy.

If you have been reading my blog much this past year, you will know that I haven’t made much time for knitting or for reading.

It seems like there is always “something else” that comes up and takes my attention away from these two activities that I use to calm and center me.

I know that part of it is having a new little one in the house.  But, seeing as how she is almost one now, I think I can give myself permission to get back on the wagon of knitting and reading.  What a perfect time, too, right before the holidays!

This week I am currently working on a little runner that I plan to put on a bookshelf in my bedroom.  I started this runner several weeks ago, knit about 10 rows, and then put it down.  Not because I didn’t enjoy knitting it, but because homeschooling was taking over my life!  I realized that with me talking so much about making time for your passions, I really needed to take my own advice.  So, I am back at it.  I would like to finish this soon because I am attempting to make a little reading/knitting nook in my bedroom as a place I can go to have some peace and work on things I love.

As far as reading goes, I started out the year really well.  I had my goal of reading 100 books, and was getting through 10-15 books per month during the first three months of the year; then I lost my reading mojo.  I think part of it is because I didn’t know what to read next, and no books I found were really holding my interest.  Then last week I posted an Instagram picture of an old mindless favorite of mine – Twilight.  Now, you may love or hate the series, I happen to love them even though the writing isn't stellar.  So, I was incredibly pleased to find out the next day that there was a tenth anniversary edition released which included an all new writing of the first Twilight book.  I of course immediately bought it for kindle, and started reading.  It is kind of strange to read the same story from a different perspective, but I am enjoying it!

That is where I am at today!  If you are interested in reading any of my 31 Days posts, you can click the picture at the top of this post to bring you to an index of all the posts I have written this month.

Have you lost your mojo lately?  What are you working on?


  1. What an absolutely beautiful color, perfect for a runner! I definitely feel there's great value and crafting something you love!

  2. I agree! It is very good to take time to do things we love and enjoy. I also agree that it can be easy to get busy and forget to take your own advice!! :)

    The runner is PRETTY!!!

  3. My goodreads challenge was to read 100 books. I'm just a little over half way there. I didn't know that there was a release of Twilight again. I liked the first three books, but hated the 4th book and for some reason that turned me off of the series.

  4. I, like flyingjen, read the first three Twilight books and got halfway through the fourth and just couldn't muster the desire to continue. I only started the series because a friend pestered me to do so in the first place, and rationalized with myself that I made it most of the way to the end, I didn't have to finish, ha!
    As I've only recently taken up knitting, sometimes it's not at all a relaxing task (hello, overly complicated patterns that make no real sense only so they can fit on one piece of paper!). But, it's a *productive* task, as well as a way to take a break - the best kind of things to do. I feel bad if I spend a day playing video games, but not when I'm making something...because, well, it's making something! :D

  5. I was so surprised when I found the new Twilight book at Target this week. I didn't even know about it. I'm setting aside some "me" reading time this week!

  6. I think it can be quite hard as a parent to give yourself me time even though it's very important. I hope you enjoy your reading and knitting :)

  7. It's very important to take care of yourself and pamper, is what keeps us sane, I am glad you are taking the time to enjoy the little things that make you happy.
    That green yarn is gorgeous! Enjoy your day xx

  8. I do a lot of reading of articles and the like but I haven't read a good novel in a very long time. I think it's about time!

  9. beautiful knitting and I love the color! I make knitting a priority but I do not have littles in the house!! That makes it super easy for me.

  10. I love this! So great to do soothing activities to recharge the batteries. I love crawling up on the couch with a good book and some popcorn. Perfect night!

  11. wow, how do you read so much with children? My PND journey has taught me that self care is very important. I keep a headtorch on my bedpost and try to knit a little every evening when my littlies are asleep. They wake up if I try to sneak off!


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