31 Days - Morning Routines

Several years ago I hit a wall.  I had been going going going with no break for me at all.

I was putting everyone else first – I’m a mom, I think that goes with the territory a lot of the time.

I couldn’t seem to get a break.  I would try to take some time for myself during nap time, but with two littles who were trying to be on opposite schedules, that didn’t work.  I would try to stay up later, after the kids were in bed.  That didn’t work because one of the kids would always wake up (seriously, it was uncanny), and even if they were finally asleep for the night, I was exhausted.  I would try and sleep as late as I could in the morning because of feeling so tired and with early rising children, it was a struggle.

I finally had enough.  I realized that I needed to change something, and learned about the wonderful Hello Mornings challenge

I decided that I was going to make it a priority to get up before my kids and have some quiet time. 

It was something I did for a very long time prior to having children, but once kids came into the home, sleeping became the priority.  Unfortunately, I was not feeling relief from sleeping *more* and I was frazzled before the day even began.

I realized that I needed a morning routine!

“But, I’m not a morning person!” you say, neither was I.  In fact, I still don’t feel like I am, however, I know that when I am up well before my kids my day is more productive and I am in a better mood.

My morning routine is very simple, and rarely changes.  

I get up quite early (remember the early risers I mentioned above?!).  My oldest daughter is up typically by 6am, my youngest daughter by 6:30am, and Jack is my late sleeper getting up usually around 6:45am.  Of course, some days he is up at 6 and some days he stays in bed until 9am.

I aim to be up at 5am.  In the winter it is sometimes earlier because the days are so short.

I drink a glass of water, I brush my teeth and hair, pour myself a cup of coffee (or tea) and sit with my Bible, journal and planner. 

I realized that my need to write every day is incredibly important to my own self-care, for you it may be different.

Another morning routine idea is to exercise – I need more time in the morning to wake up, so exercising isn’t great for me so early, but I know a large portion of people enjoy working out first thing in the morning – my husband is one of those people.

Now, if you are trying to get out the door for work in the morning, or getting your kids to school, you probably have a set routine.  However, if you could spend even 10 minutes on something that rejuvenates you, I promise it will be a change that makes a difference in your perception of the day.

Do you have a regular morning routine?  Do you take time to meditate or have quiet time in the morning?  Would you be able to sit for 5-10 minutes to center yourself before rushing off for the day?


  1. I just finished my first six weeks hello mornings challenge. It was a great jumpstart to get me up early in the morning is again. Like you, wife with little kids had left me feeling overwhelmed and it was hard to find time for myself and our day. I am a much better wife and momwhen I have time with God and some quiet before the family wakes up.

  2. Many years ago in Bible study, I heard the mother of FIVE kids describe her routine. Before she put a foot on the floor, she got dressed -- and prayed through Ephesians 6:10-19. Then she got our of bed, and began her day. "cuz once the kids heard her move -- they moved! It's one I have not mastered!
    My kids are grown and loving on their own.
    I start my day slowly, slowly, slowly -- with coffee, and reading some of the great posts in my email from Joni Eareckson Tada, The Park Forum, among others. And I work through my Bible study, this year in ACTS -- time for praise, worship and is precious -- so too is time before bed, thanking God for his companionship and care.

  3. Thanks for this. I'm really good at evening and afternoon routines but morning routines are my nemesis. I struggle to get out of bed and basically have enough time to shoo the kids out the door to school and get myself ready for work and that's it!


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